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Who Are You Inviting To Your Wedding?

I see weddings as a celebration event for the union of 2 people who are in love and ready to move onto a next stage of life. I'm moved each time I see a ceremony. So sweet. Undeniably.

Then again, just because people acknowledges the importance of this celebration event, it has also evolved into a money making avenue for events organizers, advertisers and business people in Singapore. Prices are exploited and extrapolated such that the cost price of preparing for a wedding is sky high. Due to that, weddings in Singapore became such an expensive thing to attend. =( Sad.

I bet we all love to give our blessings for every single wedding. But don't we just feel the pain in our bank account thereafter. It's ironic, isn't it?

Now... this is most probably what some of your guests are thinking when you informed them about your wedding banquet.
"Yes, I'm happy you are getting married. You found someone you love and you are all ready to tie the knot with him/her. Congratul…

Wedding Dinner at Park Royal On Pickering

I spent my Saturday evening attending a very sweet wedding at Park Royal at Pickering with Mr OOPS. This was a great reason for me to feel excited because this was also one of the hotels which I shortlisted for my own wedding banquet. We had very good vibes when attending their wedding showcase too. It didn't work out eventually as the dates which we wanted are packed.

So here's some thoughts about the wedding venue!

Location: Awesome
- Just 5 minutes walk from Chinatown MRT station, definitely convenient for non-drivers.

Service: Awesome
- As a guest, I feel pretty pleased with the service. Waiter to table ratio was 1:1. Tea, alcohol and soft drinks were filled up promptly by our waiter.
- Although the food was served in communal style, the waiter will help us with splitting the food into individual plates (if we want to). Pretty uncommon I would say.
- Personally, I didn't really like the hotel's style of serving the first dish. The waiters and waitresses came in 2 sep…

Selecting Your Wedding Ballroom! (Checklist on How/What to Bargain)

Every couple always ask the same question when they are booking their wedding banquet venue.
"Which is the best place to hold my wedding venue?" "How do I bargain for the best perks / deals?"
We are no exception. Mr OOPS and I overcame this bargaining hurdle after consulting various friends, reading up multiple reviews, attending many wedding showcases and talking to various sales co-ordinators and discussing together. Gosh, looking back, it's such hard work!

Therefore, to make sure all our efforts can also benefit other couples in need, I decided to share the Ultimate checklist which Mr OOPS and I bring along to every single showcase. *Always Be Prepared!*

Selecting Your Ideal Wedding Ballroom! (Or Venue, whichever is applicable)Availability of BallroomHave in mind a few other dates to prevent disappointmentI recommend emailing the sales co-ordinator to your potential sites prior to make sure it's not a wasted trip.Exclusivity of BallroomWill you be sharing t…

Reviews Of Solemnization Venues Which I Researched

Here are my thoughts and feedback 5 of our shortlisted venues for solemnization. I would like to disclaim that they are all my personal thoughts and feedback. Always proceed down to have a look at the venue before you make a final decision.

Tung Lok Restaurant ( We fell in love with the solemnization package at Tung Lok Seafood Restaurant at Clarke Quay. However, due to a better offer, we didn't go ahead with it.Clarke Quay offers an outdoor platform that looks really exclusive. They offer great Chinese food for a minimum of 30 pax at a table of $688++. This price includes a solemnization area and floral decorations. Our families would definitely appreciate Chinese food than Western food...If you were to rent the floral set up from floristsg in 2014, it actually cost a minimum of $298 to a maximum of $798, excluding delivery, set up and collection fees of $50. So having these set up in the package is really cost saving!Some things w…

Checklist When Sourcing For Solemnization Venue.

If you are just like me, exploring on possibilities of having your solemnization on a separate day with your wedding banquet, then this post is just for you!

My ideal wedding has always to be those more westernized and modern kind of wedding style. I want long tables, lots of flowers, western course and champagne glasses for all the guests. I have a nice aisle that's lined with flowers. My daddy can walk me down the aisle and pass me over to Mr OOPS. We have a nice intimate solemnization and end it off with an intimate and cosy banquet. To have a visual, I included some images.
Mr OOPS is different. He's more traditional. To him, solemnization is less important as compared to the banquet. He want hotel banquet halls with round tables, 8/9 course Chinese menu and also the yam seng etc. That's basically what-you-see-and-what-you-get for more hotel wedding banquets. In fact, I think my parents and his parents will also prefer his style of wedding. Heehee.
So I was really sque…

What To Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Venue?

Now that you have a wedding date fixed, it is time to secure a venue. Usually hotel venues are often available for booking one year ahead. Booking a wedding venue is always the biggest headache of all times. It's also potentially the topic to create some tension between yourself and your HTB, your parents and your potential in-laws. Therefore, it's important to pay careful attention when the couple is selecting the venue.

Here are some important areas which you first have to consider about your wedding venue!
Your Potential GuestsUltimately they are the people who will be attending your wedding so it's important to take them into consideration.Have a rough estimate on the number of guests who will most likely be turning up for your wedding. That will help you very much on the search for the venue.Always remember, not all the guests you have in mind will be able to turn up for your wedding. I hear of a friend who invited 380 people to their wedding and only 320 people turned…

Review: Wedding Lunch at Orchid Country Club

Today was a joyous occasion for one of my seniors in university. Always happy to be part of a wedding and to enjoy the lovely reception which they prepared for us as guests.

I'm actually quite excited about attending a wedding lunch at Orchid Country Club. I find the place unique, full of greenery and just away from the crowded town area. Of course, it's much cheaper too. The food is managed by Peach Garden restaurant.

Here's my take about the wedding reception by Orchid Country Club.

Location: Good
Comments: Like I described above, there's alot to rave about the greenery and serenity surrounding Orchid Country Club.
However, as a guest who doesn't drive, here are some of my woes. Although the club provides shuttle bus services from the club to Yishun MRT at an interval of approximately 15-20 minutes, the shuttle bus is only able to sit about 20 pax. No standing is allowed on the bus. If you are rushing for the banquet, you'll realise that you really need to be …

How To Choose Your Wedding Date?

Choosing a wedding date is always the first thing to discuss when it comes to preparing for a wedding.

Start by deciding on your wedding year. To decide on your wedding year, first discuss these few things with your partner. Readiness of the coupleAre you both ready to move on to marriage? Marriage is no longer like dating. It requires alot more commitment. Remember marriage is not just a union between 2 persons. It is a union between 2 families.
Scale of your weddingNumber of people you are expecting at your wedding
Type of weddingJust solemnizationSolemnization followed by cocktail receptionSolemnization followed by wedding banquetSolemnization first, wedding banquet on a later date/year
Finances of the coupleAre you and your partner financially ready for the kind of wedding you both envision to be? If the answer is a No, set a later year.Clarify expectations with one another. Are there any expectation on the partner to pay more? Or 50/50? Or maybe expecting our parents to pay? Are thes…

So he proposed.... And I agreed!...Now what's next?

This is always the big big question that's lingering in all BTB's minds. Of course, I'm no exception!

Oh yes, if you're wondering BTB = Bride To Be , and HTB = Husband To Be. You will often see these 2 acronyms largely used in alot of wedding forums, wedding blogs and pages as well.

Back to the question, so what's next?

Let me share my experience...

Upon the proposal, I'm an excited beanie, ready and excited to move towards marriage life. Suddenly all the fairy tale stories, romantic and dreamy wedding scenes and the magical wedding images starts popping all over my brain! I'm TOTALLY READY to prepare for my own wedding. In fact, I am a little bit panicky about how do I go about and who can I consult for help etc. I started googling for information and even created accounts on different wedding forums. I spent my everyday after work googling for banquet prices and reading various blogs. Almost 80% of my messages to my dear Mr OOPS is nothing but about the w…

Mr OOPS proposed.

I'm going to start this whole blog on a happy note.

On 25 July 2014, my Mr OOPS carried out his masterplan, asking for my hand in marriage.

The plan was a really well thought one, personalized and filled with lots of effort.
We made our virgin visit to Ocean Park and spent one long eventful day. We then head back to Ovolo Southside Hotel. The staff led us to the rooftop bar whereby Mr OOPS passed me a photo book which contains all the memories we had since day 1 as a couple. Suddenly I was thinking,"OMG, is it gonna be today?"
I was then led to our hotel room. Poof! Guess what, it's totally the kind of romance I ever wanted for. Just me before him and him on his knee, a diamond ring in his hands, a bed of roses and a love song which I adore. Of course, the balloons and beautiful skyline were added bonuses.

Although I have been secretly looking forward to moving on to the next stage of our lives together, it's still abit unbelievable to me when it's really happeni…