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Honeymoon: All About The Northern Lights in Iceland (Part 4/5: OurMagical Experience and Some Photography Tips)

Whenever I read articles or view photos about the Northern Lights, I would often dismiss it off as an impossible dream. Our friends, who had travelled to the other side of the world, told us it's a once in a lifetime experience. In addition to that, there had been a surge of articles that talks about the diminishing Northern Lights by 2017. Therefore, while we were planning for our winter honeymoon in Europe/UK region, Iceland became our Must-Go destination. Keeping our fingers crossed, we hoped to see the Northern lights every single night when we are at Iceland.

When can you see the Northern Lights?Although the Northern lights are in the skies all year around, it is most apparent during winter time (late November to February) due to the short day time and long night time. The sky has to be very dark in order for you to spot the lights, which explains why you will need to drive away from the brightly lit city areas to spot the lights.Because weather is a crucial factor, do note th…

Korean Short to Shorter Hair Makeover at THE COMB!

Just recently, I had an opportunity to try out hair services at The COMB hair salon. I was new to this hair salon and there is a range of mixed online reviews. But I decided to go for it anyway! -Never-try-never-know-

When we go to a hair salon, what do we look out for to be a returning customer? For me, its AmbienceQuality of service received, Accessibility and Price.  I will be analyzing The Comb in these 4 aspects and conclude if it is worth another visit.

AmbienceA clean sleek look with warm gentle lighting! You could also see the huge range of hair products available for sale at one glance. The only area which needed more effort in decorating was the area to wash our hair. The floor was quite wet and there wasn't much effort to buff it up (as compared to the exterior).

Quality of Service Received Most of the hair stylists present on the day of my visit were Koreans. My allocated senior hair stylist was Ryan Jin. When I went to the salon, I had a grown out asymmetrical bob with…

Yoga In The Gardens 2016 at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore!

It has been a life changing experience ever since I started picking up yoga classes from my private instructor, Jo! Yoga made me feel physically stronger and emotionally calm. There have been many moments whereby I exclaimed in joy whenever I succeed in clearing yet another milestone. I have to say, that feeling is just EXUBERATING!

Back to the topic, Jo recommended us this free yoga event called "Yoga In The Gardens 2016" organized by TrueYoga and Gardens By The Bay. It's such a beautiful spot for this event !

A session of gentle flow yoga was done together at the Supertree Grove at 7.30am. I wasn't sure how the event turn out will be until I was there. In fact I was skeptical about the turn out since it's such an early event at marina bay area . In the end, I'm mind blown. Apparently there were a total of 1200 participants!

The joy about yoga is that we can all practice it, people of all ages and sizes. The only limitation we face is our mind.

During Yoga, …

Honeymoon: Iceland, National Geographic Heaven (Part 3/5: Waterfalls and Black Sand Beach)

Continuing on, this post will be covering the start of our adventure to Southern Iceland! If you think Reykjavik is beautiful, the real beauty lies outside of the city! 
For this post, I will be highlighting the famous waterfalls in the South and the very famous Black Sand Beach at Vik. Beautiful photos are once again credited to Mr and Mrs OOPS!
Day 2: Start of 2D1N Tour to Southern Iceland with GoEcco!!! Let's just say, WE ARE DAMN EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE!
Before the trip, we are told via email that due to harsh winter conditions, we will be travelling on a MONSTER TRUCK instead of a 4x4 jeep. Here's the size of the monster!

Together with us are a local guide, Erla and a driver (forgot to ask his name)! Both of them speak good English so language is definitely not an issue! They are also super spontaneous when it comes to photo taking!

Every trip starts off with an overview of the itinerary and ours started with a giant map of Iceland and the spots we will be covering for this…