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#throwback : My First Trimester With Baby OOPS

Time flies when there is a baby evolving inside my tummy! Technically this is my second pregnancy as I had a silent miscarriage with my first one. I am so exhausted by pregnancy to the extent that I decided to abandon blogging for a good period of time so as to focus on my own mental well-being. This sacrifice is definitely worthy!

Interestingly, each trimester, I meet different challenges that really brings out a different side of me. I decided to share my first hand experiences with fellow mummies who are currently going through the physical, mental and emotional changes that comes about with pregnancy.

1) Securing the heartbeat During my first trimester, I remember being in fear and discomfort almost on a daily basis. These fears are intensified due to my past experience of having a "silent miscarriage" about a year ago. The loss of a child's heartbeat during the first trimester is a common issue because it happened 1 out of every 4 pregnancies. The pain of not seeing…