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Mr and Mrs OOPS started with a simple ICQ (if you know what that is!) pet name by the mister. We started this blog in 2014 as an avenue to share our experiences in wedding preparation as we felt there would be other budding couples who are also overwhelmed in their wedding planning. Therefore, to retain these memories and give upcoming couples a true, realistic idea about what they can expect in wedding preparation and marriage life, we decided to start this blog to help!

Although the wedding is (finally) over, we decided to continue sharing something which we are both passionate about - TRAVELLING!

This love and passion for travelling has since opened up many opportunities to see the world together and learning to appreciate what we have on a day-to-day basis. This hobby is an expensive one because travelling requires us to take time off from work and also spend money during travel. So we crack our brains every time to look out for good travel deals!

Besides travelling, we had this avid interest in photography and videography. We do hope you also love the moments we captured during our exciting adventures! The equipment which we used to capture our travelling moments are :
  1. Canon DSLR EOS 70D(W)
  2. GoPro Hero 
  3. DJI Mavic Pro drone

We are now constantly on the lookout for ways to maximise our spendings such that it helps us to accumulate miles or hotel reward points so we could redeem free flights or stays. At the same time, we are participating actively on any travel related contests which are relevant to our interests! 

If you share the same passion as us, do follow us on Instagram or Facebook or Subscribe to our blog! We promise, we only share good deals/stuff which we believe in it! Haha!

Cheers to our sweet and simple love,
Mr and Mrs OOPS.

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