Who Are You Inviting To Your Wedding?

I see weddings as a celebration event for the union of 2 people who are in love and ready to move onto a next stage of life. I'm moved each time I see a ceremony. So sweet. Undeniably.

Then again, just because people acknowledges the importance of this celebration event, it has also evolved into a money making avenue for events organizers, advertisers and business people in Singapore. Prices are exploited and extrapolated such that the cost price of preparing for a wedding is sky high. Due to that, weddings in Singapore became such an expensive thing to attend. =( Sad.

I bet we all love to give our blessings for every single wedding. But don't we just feel the pain in our bank account thereafter. It's ironic, isn't it?

Now... this is most probably what some of your guests are thinking when you informed them about your wedding banquet.
"Yes, I'm happy you are getting married. You found someone you love and you are all ready to tie the knot with him/her. Congratulations. So now, can you please don't invite me to your wedding?"

Honestly, there won't be any issues if you are inviting people whom you are really concerned and close to. They are genuinely the people who cares enough and wants to be part of your celebration. But it's not the same for all cases. So I started thinking how would I feel as a person receiving the invitation. These are probably the few common types!
  1. The Very-Very-Long-Time-No-See friend : The kind of friends whom you have neither met nor even talked in years, isn't it outrageous to receive invitations from them? You probably would have forgotten how they looked like. You may even have thoughts that they are inviting you just to fill up the seats.
  2. The Social Media Acquaintance : Being an active facebook friend who likes most of your posts or communicating with you frequently via instagram, twitter etc doesn't mean they want to attend your wedding. They just like to "like" it! Needing to attend your wedding, how do I "dislike" that?
  3. The Partner's Acquaintance : How about being invited to a wedding just because your  partner/spouse are acquaintances with the bride/groom? It's probably worse if you have no idea who or how the groom or bride looks like. This question will probably pop up," Do they really have to invite a couple?"
  4. The Very-Very-Close friend : This is the kind of friend whom you meet regularly, gets excited about your wedding and wants to be part of the celebration. The moment you tell them your wedding date, they note it down, take leave or do whatever it takes to make sure they are present. Onz La!
  5. The Regular-Get-Together friend : You will probably see them once a month, once every few months or maybe just an annual affair. Although not frequent, the regular meet ups allow you to stay connected.You are roughly aware about major happenings in their lives and vice versa. Some may/may not turn up on the actual day due to various commitments, simply also because you are not their utmost priority. But that's life, so let's move on.
  6. The Have-To-See-Each-Other-Almost-Everyday colleague : You work together and eat together. You see them most of the time. They will definitely be invited. The next question is," What about those Hi-Bye colleagues?" They will probably wish you didn't think about them at this kind of juncture.
  7. The Business Partner : You are doing some business with the bride/groom/their parents. So get ready that you will be invited. It's a tricky issue when it comes to angpow as it may also have an impact on the future business dealings and relationships.
I'm sure there'll be much more but I'm stopping here. I have also left out family members. I just assumed that they will still be invited anyway. Therefore, after confirming on our wedding banquet's date and time, we also struggled with the thought of who we should invite in fear that we may inflict such thoughts on our guests. 

I have heard too many people complaining to me about the pain of giving red packets when going for wedding banquets. Some of them opt to skip the dinner by faking their absence, go overseas or simply ignoring. I bet they must have the same agony as I was facing. But Hey! At least they are polite enough (to think of a reason) to let you know they are not attending, rather than some who RSVP and not turn up on the actual day!

Afterall, the aim is to celebrate the union. I am merely just highlighting the pinch most people have towards the costs that comes with the banquet. I'm sure I'm not the only one facing such dilemmas since these invitations are notoriously named as "the red bombs". *smirk*

Having second thoughts about who to invite to your wedding? :)
Mrs To-Be OOPS


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