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Cheongsam Wedding Dress, Anyone? ... Featuring Alvin and Anna

Enough of tips tips and tips. I think it's time we start seeing pictures so we can put a visual to what we are typing.
I have the privilege of featuring the double As in my blog. Anna is my favorite senior in university who was always there to share happy and sad moments together. I still remember the joy we shared when she told me about this guy she met (which is Alvin), how they got together and eventually to the point whereby he proposed and now, married! =D
The unique point which I wanted to highlight from her wedding preparation is her very lovely made to measure cheongsam wedding dress which she got from Iris and Edel at Lucky Chinatown. It cost less than SGD $800. As you can see from below, it looks absolutely stunning and fitting on her. It brings out a form of oriental feel yet retaining the components of a wedding dress. For btb who are considering for a customized cheongsam wedding dress, you should really get it!

I love the above picture because it gives more details…

8 Simple Ways To Save On Pre-Wedding Photographs!

So, if you are a couple who is not looking at spending an ultra big bomb on pre-wedding shots, like Mr OOPS and I, you will probably want to take this post very seriously. Because this post can possibly save you thousands of dollars and a potential big argument with your partner.

Here are 8 simple (but some say very tough) ways that can help you to save on pre-wedding photographs! I will be providing different options which I brainstormed with Mr OOPS for our own shoot and sharing these ideas in detail.

Tell yourself that whatever they give you is already enough.This is potentially the simplest that I can type here but the toughest to implement in reality! Haha! Even I agree that it is never enough!!!If you are madly in love with pre-wedding shots and the prices offered by your bridal studio is just too expensive, then do 2 pre-wedding shoots! (which is exactly what I am going to do)Engage 1 bridal studio which is primarily for your AD gowns, suits and make up artiste and they will pro…

How Do Bridal Studios Sales Talk Us Into Buying Pre-Wedding Photos?

This question is really something worth debating for. Some will say it's worth spending that money, some will say not. This post is dedicated for those who agree with me that it's not worth it!

Therefore to start off, we need to know how photographers at bridal studios earn money so that it will help us to understand their marketing techniques better.
Here's one line that pretty much sums up their source of income:
They earn money not from your bridal package, but from the photos taken from pre-wedding photoshoot.
Therefore, the cheaper your bridal package and the higher the number of gowns they are offering to you for pre-wedding shoots, the more high alert you must be! Because each gown is a potential opportunity for you to select at least 10-15 photos.With each photo costing an approximate of $60 and above for one photo, it's not a small sum! This post is tailored to help couples who wants to understand the top 5 methods of sales talk for pre-wedding photographs.