Checklist When Sourcing For Solemnization Venue.

If you are just like me, exploring on possibilities of having your solemnization on a separate day with your wedding banquet, then this post is just for you!

My ideal wedding has always to be those more westernized and modern kind of wedding style. I want long tables, lots of flowers, western course and champagne glasses for all the guests. I have a nice aisle that's lined with flowers. My daddy can walk me down the aisle and pass me over to Mr OOPS. We have a nice intimate solemnization and end it off with an intimate and cosy banquet. To have a visual, I included some images.

W's hotel garden lawn solemnization
Image from
Mr OOPS is different. He's more traditional. To him, solemnization is less important as compared to the banquet. He want hotel banquet halls with round tables, 8/9 course Chinese menu and also the yam seng etc. That's basically what-you-see-and-what-you-get for more hotel wedding banquets. In fact, I think my parents and his parents will also prefer his style of wedding. Heehee.

So I was really squeezing my brains out to think of such that we can come to a compromise on our hopes for the wedding. My intended solution is .... to hold my solemnization on a separate day! Solemnization to be held in my style for close family members and wedding banquet to be held in his style. However, we also want to keep in mind about our budget.

For Mr OOPS and I, our intended number of guests is about 20-30 guests. Total budget which we set aside is about $2000. With that, we start on our adventure to source for our dream solemnization venue.

Before you go, email the venue to request for solemnization package and some photos of actual day set ups to have a sensing of how it looks like. Here's the checklist that you can bring along when you recce your solemnization venue and meet up with sales co-ordinator. 
  1. What is included in the solemnization package? The following items below are charged for by majority of the venues on a per piece item basis. So do make efforts to check on the pricing and not take it for granted!
    • Tables and tablecloth
    • Chairs (Seat Covers? Decorated with flowers and chair tie back? Tiffany Chairs?)
    • Floral decor (On solemnization table top? Canopy? Bird cage? Flower arch?)
    • Sound system (At least 1 microphone and speakers)
    • Ring pillows
    • Rental of venue
    • Any additional costs for bringing in your own decoration?
  2. Set up of the solemnization area
    • What's the maximum number of solemnizations held here in a day?
    • What's the earliest time which we can set up the venue if there is an ongoing lunch? (if you are solemnizing in the evening)
    • Will you have exclusive use of the area?
    • If it's an outdoor venue, is there any back up plan for wet weather?
    • What's the maximum capacity of the set up?
  3. Surroundings of the solemnization area
    • Are there any upcoming construction or renovation work to be done on the venue or in the area? If yes, which areas would be affected?
    • Is the area conducive enough? (Too hot? Aircon provided?)
    • Is the restroom conveniently located?
    • Where is the changing room?
  4. Expected services and food from the venue
    • How many staff will be around during the solemnization?
    • Payment and cancellation policy (Avoid venues that require you to pay 100% before the start of the event)
    • Alcohol policy and prices / Go for free flow soft drinks to cut costs
    • Food menu (adjustable menu? Costs of tapas?)
    • If its a hotel/country club, any free one night stay? Or do they provide cheaper rates?
Besides looking at available packages from hotels, restaurants or club, another possibility would be to look at renting venues for your solemnization. As I am a big fan of garden theme weddings, here's an extra information on my side based on my research. Consider renting a venue from National Parks Board or Gardenasia and engage your own caterers and florists to help you with the set up. The overall costs will exceed $2000. So if budget is not an issue for you and you are a garden theme fan like me, do consider these venues.

If you are wondering where is my solemnization venue, Mr OOPS and I managed to secure a hotel which offers a solemnization venue and wedding banquet venue which we are both very pleased with. So our final decision was to hold it on the same day at the same hotel. I shall reveal more subsequently. =)

One last note before I end this off, 
If you are opting for an outdoor solemnization, avoid holding your solemnization in mid afternoon. In Singapore weather, your guests will be sweating under the scorching sun and the bride's make up will probably be melting very soon. It would be most ideal to hold your outdoor solemnization at about 6pm - 7pm, nearing sunset.

Happy Planning,
Mrs To-Be OOPS


  1. I also don’t prefer solemnization venues; it requires a lot of planning and plotting. You know when I got married last year I visited a lot of banquet halls in Miami and booked the best traditional venue out of them.

    1. Actually I do agree! With all these planning woes coming up, it does seems easier to do all at the same day! I m glad you found a good venue eventually !


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