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Wedding Entertainment For My Wedding Banquet Confirmed!!

So in December, I click on one of the random sponsored posts that appears in my facebook news feed. I ended up joining one of the giveaways by Rewardify, in hope to win some entertainment programme for my wedding day.

And since the company itself talks about the giveaway, I decided it should be real! I have not heard about WhiteRoses before nor seen them around at wedding showcases. But I guess there's really no harm trying if it's a giveaway. From their facebook it seemed like a really new company.

And guess what, Ta-Da! 

I WON IT!!!!!!!!!!! 

I even went to double check my email. And yes! I received the official email from Rewardify to notify that I have won!!!

Although I have contacted Rewardify by emails and also PM them on facebook, the sad thing is they did not respond back to me at all. The last I heard from them was on 2nd March 2015, which they indicated they will get back to me on the day itself. However, again, there wasn't any news from them.

Thankfully, WhiteRo…

Review: Our First Gown Fitting Experience At Feline Bridal.

I have taken quite a long break from blogging as there have been so many happenings around me for the past few weeks. Now I'm settling myself down. Now, back to sharing my experiences...

*For the benefit of btb who have also signed up with Feline Bridal, here's a detailed review of our first gown fitting experience for our pre-wedding photoshoot.* I will cover about a review of my general sensing of Feline Bridal, the gowns, the services and the fitting room at Feline Bridal.

Mr Oops and I went for our first gown fitting at Feline Bridal in February 2015. This first gown fitting was for us to select 5 gowns for our photoshoot in March 2015. The total amount of time I spent inside the bridal studio for gown selection: 2.5 hours.

To start this off, a very clueless me brought different types of undergarments and heels to the studio. Nude colour tummy shapers, thigh shapers, hip shapers and even 3 different pairs of my highest heels.
My mentality: to make make sure my inner wear ca…