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5 Wedding Expenses Which You Should Splurge On!

For couples on budget, we will always go all out to source for the best deals we can find or different ideas to cut costs. Mr OOPS and I are of no exception. In our wedding preparation, we face the same kind of dilemmas. We want to cut costs. But yet, there are just some things which we just should spend on!

In this post, I would be covering 5 wedding expenses which you should splurge on for your wedding! And to make this post a little more enjoyable, i created some cute memes =)

1. Wedding Gown and SuitThe groom and the bride are the main leads during the wedding day. All eyes will be on both of you. So if the groom and bride are wearing clothes that are not flattering, it will just end up becoming the talk of the town for the rest of the years. For the grooms, kindly ensure your suits are fitting and if possible, made to measure. The safe colours will be black, grey or white accompanied with a bow or tie. If you planned to be adventurous in your fashion, I hope you consult a fashion…

[DIY] Our Pre-Wedding Photo Album (Review For Artisan State)

Since Mr OOPS and I have only selected 30 photos from our bridal studio (which means we did not top up a single cent for extra photos! YAY!), we thought it would be nice to print some extra photobooks for our guests to view when they attend our wedding. We went around scouting for different vendors which does printing of such photobooks.
We first know about Artisan State from facebook advertisements about their good quality photo layflat books. So what they highly promote about their products are the following: Layflat books: When you flip the books, the 2 pages are seamless, which means no gutters between pages.Pages: Rigid pages backed by strong green substrate. So it is more durable compared to normal books.Photo print: Professional grade photo printing that retains the colour of the photos!Pricing: They offer one of the lowest prices available in the market, considering the type of technology and quality they are using to print their products. I am doubtful whether or not they cou…

[Checklist] 25 MUST-TAKE Photos On Your Wedding Day

Imagine that your wedding is over and you realised your photographer did not manage to capture the shots which you wanted? A shot of the brides with the bridesmaids or maybe the moment whereby you were offering tea to your parents? How would you be feeling?

I personally find that an AD photographer should have certain shots that are a must-take during the actual day. Of course, there is no right or wrong about this perspective. It's just my personal take. Although it is true that we have to let the photographer's creativity flow, but I feel that it's good to have some certainty on what to expect at the end of the day. But I agree that the photographer can decide on how they want to capture that moment with his unique style.

Therefore, I came up with this checklist on the must-take photos for AD wedding photographers. It will be helpful to use this to discuss your expectations with your photographer. Here we go! Gatecrash and Tea Ceremony (1) Bride's shoes
(2) Bride'…