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LINE Friends Store & Cafe @ Garosugil, Sinsa Station

If you are heading to Seoul, here's one place you must stop to have a look at if you are a fan of LINE Friends!
What is LINE? LINE used to be just a mobile messenger app which we use to communicate, They have their own set of emoticons featuring characters such as Brown, Cony, James and Moon etc. They are just SO CUTE and full of exaggerated expressions. It has since evolved into a brand of its own.

What's in the store? Being inside LINE store is almost like visiting Disneyland. The first joy comes from seeing a giant sized Brown right at the door step. You will jump into the queue immediately to wait for that photo opportunity. I feel like a small kid once again. *can't hide that smile of mine*

 If you're thinking the 3 storey store is just filled with just plushies, accessories or toys for kids, think again. It is obvious that their target group is working adults, primarily females with good spending power!

They did lots of collabor…

2D1N : Conquer Mount Datuk and Malacca, Malaysia!!

We took a pretty long break but we are back! 

Today, I'm going to share a budget-friendly and comfortable 2D1N adventure of a lifetime itinerary in our lovely neighbouring country, Malaysia!! Malaysia Boleh!  CONQUER MOUNT DATUK AND MALACCA!
Why Mount Datuk (aka Gunung Datuk) and Malacca ? -Mount Datuk is a 885m tall mountain. The hike for this mountain is said to be the training route for hiking Mount Kinabalu. It is relatively easy as it could be completed in 4 - 6 hours for non hikers and 2 hours for professional hikers.
-The mountain is located at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. It is one hours drive away from Malacca city. Stopover at Malacca for some yummy Peranakan cuisine and go back to kampung times at Jonker Street.

Who is suitable for this hike? - Beginner hikers with a reasonable level of fitness, no knee issues and hiking shoes. Some brought along hiking sticks but I think it's not really necessary for this hike.

Do you need a guide? - If you are doing the late m…