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Review: Our Pre-Wedding Photos (With Feline Bridal) And Why They Are So Expensive!!

Now that the wedding is over, I finally have the green light from Mr OOPS to showcase the photos we have from our various photoshoots. We had a total of 5. *Ooooooops* I will be starting off with the first paid photoshoot which we had with Feline Bridal (or Feline Wedding).

To have an idea on the locations we went for our shoot and the gowns which we had selected , kindly visit this blog post which I did up earlier in April 2015 :

The main highlight of this post is basically to showcase the real reason why bridal studios charge rocket high for the photos and the amount of editing they put into one photo. 

For that to happen, we have decided to reveal 2 of our Before Edit and After Edit photos which we received from the bridal studio.

First up,
Notice the editing done on my arms, my upper body, my face shape, my teeth, our eye bags and also our facial complexion.
Final outcome: 

The editing for th…

18th October 2015, we are now Husband and Wife!

To the world,
Yes!!! We are now officially Mr and Mrs OOPS!!! :)

Planning and organizing a full scale wedding celebration is truly not an easy feat but WE DID IT! Hand in hand, with the help and love of our families and best friends, we did it!  Our wedding day may have ended but our marriage life has just started, and I'm sure that will be even more exciting (and challenging at the same time)!!!
My wedding blogging journey doesn't end here. Because of my first hand  experiences, it makes me even more  determined to help other couples who are in their midst of planning for their wedding. I will continue to slowly fill everyone bit by bit with the services we have engaged and the many important points which we may overlook during wedding preparation. I will also share my experiences while attending weddings as a guest! 
Meanwhile, we are off to a short mini - moon with my dearest hubby! :)
Keep calm and get married!
With love, Mrs OOPS

What Happens When It's 2 Weeks To Your Wedding Day?

It's about 2 more weeks to the day whereby we will be officially married. As much as we thought we had did a good job in preparing for our day, we still get the same challenges which every couple (or some say bride) will get.


Yes, it is so true to say that with each nearing day, the stress also starts building up. It also struck me that the toughest part of planning a wedding is not about the wedding itself, but rather managing the expectations between what our families want versus what we want versus what is actually realistically achievable.

So I will be sharing some of the biggest challenges couples will get when the date draws nearer. I bet you will go through at least one of these.

1) Worrying about your total number of guests
-If you want to know how it feels like when it comes to inviting your guests, well, just imagine yourself staring at a stock market chart that fluctuates greatly every single day. Almost every day, there will be people coming in or people dropping ou…