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Planning a Baby-Moon - Which Travel Insurance Policy To Get For Pregnancy Related Travel?

I have been toying with the idea about resuming blogging after the birth of our first child. But I decided to fast forward this thought since I had some free time offhand. I am going to start it off with my favourite topic.... pregnancy related travel!

The first and utmost thing that people worry about travelling while pregnant is insurance coverage. So the first step after confirming on our travel destination is to move on to a reliable travel insurance which makes sense for my current pregnancy state.

My 3 main areas of focus in this insurance, on top of the usuals, would be:
1) emergency trip cancellation before the trip if my gynae certify me as unsafe to travel
2) emergency trip postponement before the trip if my gynae certify me as unsafe to travel
3) overseas medical expenses that cover pregnancy related conditions

and I will be 30 weeks pregnant by the time I fly.

I shall be sharing my research on various travel insurances in Singapore and highlight my final choice. I would like to…