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Honeymoon: City life In Iceland (Part 2/5: Free and Easy Around Reykjavik City)

Moving on from my Part 1 of logistics and preparation before setting off to Iceland, we are moving on to Reykjavik City itself! Let's GO! The Start of Day Number 1: Free and Easy Around Reykjavik City Our day 1 in Iceland starts from the moment we are hovering above it. When we looked out from the airplane window, the sight was breath-taking. Almost everyone on the plane was whipping out their cameras to capture the icy landscape.

Airport transfer to city centre is approximately 45 minutes from airport. We chose Reykjavik Excursion's Flybus Aiport Shuttle Bus and settled ourselves at our guest house. All the shuttle buses are timed in accordance to the landing flights in Iceland, so you will definitely have a bus to and fro the city centre even if your flight sets off from Iceland in the wee hours. You can either buy your tickets directly at the airport or book the online tickets via their website.

Instead of reaching the night before, we reached Reykjavik only at 12+pm the nex…

Honeymoon: A White Winter In Iceland (Part 1/5: Preparation and Logistics)

Travelling to Iceland sounds like an almost impossible dream until the day I stepped foot on the country. Mr OOPS and I chose Iceland because its different, exclusive, full of nature and we wanted to catch the northern lights!We went to Iceland in mid February 2016 with our wildest imagination, with no idea what we are expecting.

If you are intending to travel to Iceland during winter (November to March), this series of blog posts will be helpful to prepare you for an Icelandic Winter. Besides giving you an idea about Iceland,  I will bring focus to the 2D1N Winter Ice Cave Tour by GoEcco! We booked this highly rated tour after reading about it at Tripadvisor. You can check out the Summer and Winter tours which they offer at GoEcco website.

Let's start with the budgeting:

The air tickets were sourced via Skyscanner, a portal that helps us to look for the cheapest and most viable air tickets. Super helpful because there are so many airlines operating nowadays.We booked our accomodati…

The Big Jaclyn Ying And Feline Wedding Saga.. What You Should Know!

I'm totally shocked.

Of course I'm shocked! Because just like everyone, I was wondering which bridal studio gave such crappy photos for the actual wedding day!!! The shock escalates when I found out that the bridal studio is Feline Wedding! (*omgwthbbq! Isn't that the bridal studio which we engaged?*)

I have to say Mr OOPS and I were in disbelief.

I was reading the comments from various sources. It seems that there were comments about why it cost $3000++, or why is the couple asked to pay for such ugly photos etc. I also attempted to contact Jaclyn herself, hoping to understand her situation and post it here as a warning for other bride-to-be. She didn't get back to me. But when the bridal studio and photographer finally speaks up, everything starts to unfold.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to "flame and shame" anyone. This post is intended for bride-to-bes who have already paid for wedding services at Feline Wedding. Because if I were one of them, I will …