Reviews Of Solemnization Venues Which I Researched

Here are my thoughts and feedback 5 of our shortlisted venues for solemnization. I would like to disclaim that they are all my personal thoughts and feedback. Always proceed down to have a look at the venue before you make a final decision.

  • We fell in love with the solemnization package at Tung Lok Seafood Restaurant at Clarke Quay. However, due to a better offer, we didn't go ahead with it.
  • Clarke Quay offers an outdoor platform that looks really exclusive. They offer great Chinese food for a minimum of 30 pax at a table of $688++. This price includes a solemnization area and floral decorations. Our families would definitely appreciate Chinese food than Western food...
  • If you were to rent the floral set up from floristsg in 2014, it actually cost a minimum of $298 to a maximum of $798, excluding delivery, set up and collection fees of $50. So having these set up in the package is really cost saving!
  • Some things which we didn't like were the round tables (not my style) and the dining area is not exclusive to us. Thus we did not proceed to enquire more.
Image from floristsg.wordpress
Hotel Fort Canning, Garden Terrace
  • For purely solemnization, this was out of our price range. Solemnization with evening reception for 30 pax was more than $3000. . In fact, we came to this hotel underprepared. We were not in love with the venue so we also didn't enquire further.
  • This is a nice lawn which provides a romantic setting and overlooks the colonial building. I personally think it would be very nice to set up the lawn with fairy lights and flower balls. 
  • It would be good for wedding photography and very exclusive. Avoid solemnizing in the afternoons because it is SUPER HOT. I went to their wedding showcase in August. It was in the early afternoon and I stood at the lawn for barely 5 minutes and I can feel my skin burning. Not a nice feeling.
  • I highly recommend you get a night stay after the solemnization because the hotel rooms are amazing. Very classy and modern yet preserving the colonial structures.
  • There is a back up venue at one of the function rooms in case of wet weather. The function rooms are not bad looking.
  • The location is not very conveniently seen and located. From Dobhy Gauht MRT, if it's through Park Mall, the walking duration is about 10 minutes if you know how to cut through Park Mall and walk up the hotel. If not, your guests may find themselves lost at Fort Canning area.
Image from Hotel Fort Canning

The Singapore Resort and Spa Sentosa, Spice Island Point (Will be Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa in 2015
  • This was one of the hotels which I chanced upon for my wedding. I selected it based on its exclusivity and price. I also read up on their upcoming renovation work, which I checked with the staff should be completed by May 2015, under Accor's Sofitel branding. So that attracted me. However, I didn't like the overall feel of the hotel (as of 2014 before the renovation work) as I felt it feels more like a resort rather than a hotel. Nothing much impressed me except the hotel lobby. Many peacocks were loitering around the whole hotel and I even saw one pecking on the food of the guests at the cafe. Banquet halls were also not impressive. Thus we decide it's too risky for us to take a gamble for my big day based on the blueprints.
  • One thing that caught me during my visit was the solemnization held at their Spice Island Point. This place was highly raved about due to the greenery surroundings and overlooking of the South China Sea. Pictures also look awesome.
  • I was standing from the second floor when I took the picture below. The set up was really pretty and sets the mood in for the ceremony later on.

  • However for couples who love the above picture, here are some things to note. 
    • When you are seated at ground level, you will actually not see any sea unless you go to the second floor. Your view will be blocked by the thick greenery behind you.
    • The tiffany chairs and floral set up which you see in the picture are all additional top ups and brought in by the couple themselves. It is not provided by the hotel.
    • The rental of this venue for solemnization costs $2500++ (as of 2014). 
  • So, although greenery and the romantic set up is my cup of tea, these additional costs are not. So this venue is out for me.
Resorts World Sentosa Equarius Hotel, Grass Lawn / Hotel Pavillion
  • We chanced upon this place due to StyleXStyle Wedding Showcase. Firstly, we weren't impressed with RWS's solemnization areas. Secondly, it was out of our price range. It was about $118++ per pax, with a minimum booking of 80 pax. So we didn't spend much time considering it.
  • What attracted us to the showcase was this classic photo of solemnization set up at the Grass Lawn.
Image from
  • However what we end up seeing on the day itself (which is the basic set up in the package), was just a circle of normal chairs with white seat covers. It's literally just a piece of grass land. If you are standing on the grass, you can't really see the full circle as per this photo. In order to reach the standard of the picture above, you gotta do the following.
    • Top up money to change it to Tiffany chairs. 
    • Top up money for flower decorations
  • The cocktail reception can be held either at the grass lawn itself or at the hotel pavilion. (the pavilion with the brown roof at the back of the above picture)
  • The glass pavilion can also be considered as a solemnization venue. As compared to the grass lawn, you won't have to worry about wet weather back up plans if you opt for that.
  • One last note: Never do your solemnization in the afternoons. I went in mid day and it was scorching hot!
Intercontinental Singapore, Ballroom Foyer (only if you book your wedding banquet with the hotel)
  • I'm proud to say that this is the confirmed venue for Mr OOPS and myself on our wedding day. As we booked our wedding banquet with the hotel, we were able to have exclusive usage of the ballroom foyer for free, with basic decor as the image below. *happy* We will also be having our tea ceremony at this foyer.
  • The foyer itself is a perfect setting for solemnization! I love the high ceilings and architecture of the whole layout. It's good setting for photo taking too. The floral set up will be based on the banquet theme. 
  • There is a flight of stairs which I could walk down from the upper level. 
Image from Intercontinental Singapore
I will continue to post more about other venues which I tried searching for and update when I have more time!

Happy Planning,
Mrs To-Be OOPS


  1. Hey guys!! I am searching for some best and unique weddings venue for my sister’s wedding. I am very worried about venue as I want to make it very special and unique. Please share some great venues which I can book for her.

  2. Hi DingDong,

    Thanks for sharing !

    So how much overall cost you spent on your wedding banquet at Intercontinental Singapore, Ballroom Foyer ?

    For how many pax ?


    1. Hi Michelle,

      No problem at all! We are having our wedding lunch at Intercontinental Hotel at $1400 nett per table. We got a total of 31 tables.


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