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Review: Wedding Lunch At Mandarin Orchard Hotel (Imperial Ballroom)

In July, Mr OOPS and I had the pleasure to attend our university's friend and his high school buddy's wedding lunch at Mandarin Orchard Hotel. I had a really good impression of Mandarin Orchard, especially their food, when I attended their wedding showcase (organized by styleXstye) late last year.
Location: Awesome -The hotel is located just beside 313, about 5 minutes walk from Somerset MRT station. Very convenient. -There's shopping malls all around Mandarin Orchard. There's Taka, Robinsons, Cineleisure and also 313. We can pop by either one mall for some shopping after the lunch ends. *happy*
Unique Points About The Wedding: The wedding is held at Imperial Ballroom, located at level 35. The ballroom set up is slightly different from the usual rectangular or square shape ballroom. Instead, its a circular one with 3 levels of steps.
All the tables are accompanied with the highly-raved-about gold tiffany chairs.

Despite the circular shape and height, be assured that all…

[ Project Xi Bing ] Gin Thye Cake House, Thye Lee Confectionery, Neo Kian Guan Confectionery & Cake (Part 1/3)

Introduction: Project Xi Bing (wedding biscuits aka wedding cakes) is an initiative by Mrs To-Be-OOPS (which is me!) when it's time to scout for her own wedding xi bings. As there are too many choices when it comes to xi bing, I decided to focus mine on Teochew xi bings. I strongly believe that every cultural wedding traditions and customs are there for a reason. For the Teochews, the little round bean paste pastries (aka dou sha bings) and assorted sweets are given because it symbolises 圆圆满满 (perfect and successful marriage) and 甜甜蜜蜜 (sweet marriage). They are often packed nicely and distributed to relatives and friends. I tried googling on the internet for reviews but they were quite limited. On the other hand, my fiance's parents prefer the old school buttercream cakes. 2 very different types of wedding cakes! As such, my aim is to source around Singapore for xi bing with the BEST DEAL
What will make up the BEST DEAL? My reviews will be based on 4 main criterias:  Packagi…

Research On Our Wedding Biscuits aka Xi Bing For Guo Da Li!!

I'm so excited! It's about 3 more months to our big day! So if you are wondering what is our next step, we are currently looking at options to purchase the Wedding Biscuits a.k.a Xi Bing (喜饼) which will be given during our Guo Da Li (过大礼). 

Why do we need to prepare Xi Bings?. Here's 3 important things you need to know about giving and receiving your xi bings.
They are presented to the bride's family by the groom's family during Guo Da Li.They are symbols of appreciation from the groom's family to the bride's family for raising and taking good care of their daughter.They (usually in boxes) will be distributed to family members, together with the wedding invitation card, as a way to announce the upcoming wedding.Which Xi Bing should we buy?The answer to this question is basically another question. "What kind of dialect group does your partner and yourself belongs to?" Haha. 

For traditional wedding cakes, I will be choosing images from the traditional…

Preparing Our Wedding Invitations (With T-Dragon)

It is finally the time to start preparing our wedding invites! We are so excited about our wedding card invites because it is also our first point of contact with our guests and giving them some ideas about what they could expect from attending our wedding lunch.

We approached T-Dragon, the official company which liaised with Intercontinental Hotel for their wedding invites. So for couples who are also with Intercontinental Hotel and are curious on how the invites in their contract are like, do read on!

There is only one colour for the envelopes and the insert holders.
The insert holders are of a classy ivory colour, with embossed floral prints.

For the inserts, it will come in 2 languages, together with a pocket sized calendar card. For the inserts, there are a total of 4 colours which we can choose from. Both English and Chinese version, together with the calendar cards will be of the same colour.

Information required are pretty standard. The staff at T-Dragon, Connie, emailed us a…