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The Ultimate Cheatsheet To Redeem Krisflyer Miles For Award Ticket !!!

The travel bug in us had triggered us to share with you our Ultimate Cheatsheet To Redeem Krisflyer Miles For Award Ticket!

Background information: The changes in Krisflyer redemption chart had finally started! Although we whine about the discontinuity of the 15% discount for redemption made through the SingaporeAir website, we want to join in to celebrate the removal of fuel and insurance surcharges. These changes basically cause a devaluation of all our hard earned miles.

Read more about the changes in Singapore Airline's Krisflyer redemption changes at our previous post: Yay Or Nay to Singapore Airline's Latest Changes To Flight Redemptions?

There's this saying, if we can't beat them, join them. We have analyzed these changes thoroughly and (surprisingly) found new reasons to rejoice. In this post, we will share our findings and also highlight which are the better flight routes worth redeeming as of now. So, here we go.
A comparison of flight redemption details befor…

We Won A 3D2N Riverview Suite Stay At Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok !

Last February, we blogged about an ongoing giveaway by Starwood Preferred Groups Hotel and Mastercard. Check out the post here: [Ongoing Giveaway] SPG Mastercard Destination Of The Month. In summary, we actually won the contest but due to some hiccups with facebook message requests, we missed out on the notifications.

We have some good news thereafter! 

SPG is still going to give us the 2 nights hotel stay at the 5 star Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers. The bonus which thrills us is we are given not just the usual deluxe room. Instead, we will be staying at a Club Executive Riverview Suite, which comes with lounge access and American Breakfast for 2.

WooHoo~ Here's a snapshot of the voucher we received.

The validity period is a comfortable period of 6 months which allows reaction time for planning and taking of leave. But since we are already having an upcoming Bangkok trip, this is just so timely!

The suite is 70m² and holds a panoramic view of the Chao Phraya river with flo…

Our Personal 3D2N Off-The-Beaten-Track HongKong Itinerary !!!

It all started with a facebook contest organized by Jetstar Asia in conjunction with Hongkong Tourism Board which required participants to come up with a 3D2N Off-The-Beaten-Track kind of itinerary (based on Jetstar flight timings). The reward : A 3 days 2 nights trip to Hongkong, inclusive of flight and accommodation. With such an attractive offer, Mr OOPS and I decided to crack our brains hard on what we want to do differently from our previous Hongkong trip. The results were astounding, which surprised even ourselves. Here's our entry !
We will be exploring the public housing estates of Hong Kong for more insights of the lives of the locals and explore new areas which are not commonly heard of. We are looking at a Friday to Sunday trip!
Departure flight: JETSTAR 3K697 to Hong Kong 10.10am to 14.10pm
DAY 1:1430-1600: Board Airport Express to your hotel location via the free shuttle bus service. Check in to hotel!

1600-1800: Head to Quarry Bay MTR station. Explore the district of Quarry…

Yay Or Nay to Singapore Airline's Latest Changes To Flight Redemptions?

27/3/17 Update: Check out The Ultimate Cheatsheet To Redeem Krisflyer Miles For Award Ticket !!! for more updates on the latest redemption changes.

When Singapore Airlines announced the Important Changes to Flight Redemption, we are totally thrilled to see what they have to offer. After all, we had been building up our miles conscientiously for a next holiday.
As a summary, there will be 3 changes made to their redemption bookings on and after 23 March 2017.
All the boxes highlighted in red are marked out by us as the surge in miles in the new Saver award chart. Although the ones that are not highlighted remained the same, we no longer enjoy that 15% discount.

To market these changes as a positive one, Singapore Airlines had gave us examples on how there is a significant change in airfare redemption and cash payment through the use of countries with high fuel and insurance surcharge.

So is this revision to our advantage or is it not? For tickets departing from Singapore, we saw a notic…