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Our 90% Off Miles Redemption For Garuda First Class, Business Class and Economy Class Tickets, Confirmed!

Happy 2017!! 
A week back, we saw a great travelling deal, which was marketed by Garuda Airlines, many travel bloggers and travelling sites as the "Best Deal Of The Year" with unbelievable mileage redemption for their tickets. In fact, many were discussing if the airline would really honor this deal. We have the answer to all those speculations...

Marketing Gimmick and Unbelievable? Guess what?
Mr and Mrs OOPS got 2 of those tickets!
What tickets did we get?Ticket Number 1:

One Way First Class (R class) Tickets From Singapore (SIN) to Amsterdam (AMS) direct flight
Original mileage required: 190,000 miles + tax and surcharges
We got it for: 19,000 miles + taxes and surcharges

One Way First Class (R class) Ticket from London (LHR) to Jakarta (CGK)
Original mileage required: 190,000 miles + tax and surcharges
We got it for: 19,000 miles + taxes and surchar…

Welcoming 2017!


Here's a big shoutout to peeps who had been following Mr and Mrs OOPS in one way or another.

This blog had started out as an avenue to share our super awesome tips to securing the best deals while preparing for a wedding in Singapore. We are so happy to share that with all those strategies in hand, we managed to have our dream wedding at Intercontinental Singapore, hosting 33 tables and incurring zero debts at the end of the wedding. Read more about our sharing on wedding tips here: our sharing is not a comprehensive one and pretty much personal opinions, we generally shared enough for you to be well-prepared for the wedding, with good bargains at hand. We do not recommend ALL the wedding vendors we engaged but we definitely highlighted those which we felt were great!

In the year 2016, we started moving on to becoming a travel blog. It was a real joy sharing about our passion and love for travel to various destinatio…

Yay or Nay to Singapore's Night Safari?

Marketed as the only wildlife park that operates till midnight, I'm always curious and excited to visit the Night Safari in Singapore. A simple google search online will reveal a series of mixed reviews. Therefore, it makes me even curious if its worth spending SGD$45 (adult ticket) to visit this place. Read to the end to find out if its a Yay or a Nay to visit Night Safari!

During our latest visit to Night Safari, it happened to be in conjunction with Twilight Encounters, a series of performances and parades by Night Safari. On top of that, we also get to meet Chawang. Chawang is this majestic Asian bull elephant residing in the Safari. He is also the new icon of Night Safari so you can spot him in all their publicity materials.

Entering Night Safari There are 2 ways to get around the different parts of Night Safari. One is by the tram and the other is by walking the specific routes. The trams are the same ones which are used at the Singapore Zoo. However, as you will be in super…