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Hongkong : Gudetama Dim Sum Restaurant (By Dim SumIcon)

Right after our wedding day, Mr OOPS and I scooted off to Hongkong for a short getaway as husband and wife. Hongkong is not new to us because we travel there frequently, almost yearly. We travel to the country basically to relax and have good food.

This time round, we decided to ride on the Gudetama craze in Hongkong! Gudetama originates from Japan and the literal translation of it is Lazy-Egg. Although its only concept is being a lifeless and unmotivated egg, this cute little being has appealed to the masses. (To be honest, I prefer that bacon blankie of his rather than him. Slurps.)

Back to the topic, having seen so many videos of the legendary pooping egg bun and the cute egg bun that drools on social media, I decided that it's time for us to savour them. So off we head to Dimsum Icon!

The restaurant feels more like a cafe (by Singapore standard). But it is decorated with many many ULTRA cute posters of the egg in different poses. It's packed with tourists and locals. You w…

Reason Why Brides Must Have A Make Up Trial! (With Before-And-After Make Up Photos)

I have to be blunt about this. I don't usually put on eye make up because I had challenges with my uneven eye shapes. Till date, I still struggle with them. Thanks to the multiple photoshoots we had, I start to have more exposure towards make up and what are some things I can look out for.
So, this is how my eye shapes are like in a cartoonised form:

When most Make Up Artists (MUA) see me, they will probably be frowning hard because they need to spend a considerable amount of time to balance my eye shape with eye lid tapes, eye liner, fake eyelashes and mascara. But doesn't that also mean I'm a good guinea pig to test out the skills of a MUA? Hehe.

So, sharing my experiences, I have done up a series of BEFORE and AFTER photos of me myself and I after the different make up I had with various make up artists.  For situations whereby I do not have an immediate before photo, I will put a selfie of myself at least 1 or 2 days before the make up. Kindly note that all photos are …

"Why Do I Even Choose To Get Married?!!?!?!"

I had this question when Mr OOPS first proposed to me. Strangely, this same question pops up in my mind the moment Mr OOPS is going to place the wedding ring into my finger.

Gasp. It's a sudden actualization that I :cannot go on random blind dates with eligible bachelorsam no longer eligible to receive a bridal bouquetwill not be able to see my family everydayhave to shift out of my familiar neighbourhood and stay in a new neighbourhoodhave to answer to a person on whatever things I want to donow have to share my queen size bed and wardrobe with someone elseneed to give ang pow instead of receive angpowwill be "Auntie" instead of "Xiao Mei"have to give up the entire forest and settle for a single tree 
And yes, that is IMPORTANT, isn't it? I'm still in my 20's and Mr OOPS is my first boyfriend. Am I serious about it!?
However... guess what, after almost a month of being Mrs OOPS,I can continue to go on random dates with Mr OOPS anytime and any day I wan…

Review: Wedding Performance By WhiteRoses Wedding Band

My journey with WhiteRoses started in December 2014 when I won a contest by Rewardify. (Check out: )

From the contest details, it was told that the package which we have won is worth $1600 so I'm also not sure what we have. However, after a meet up with Benjamin, we found out what the prize is:
-One set of 30 minutes 
-3 piece band : 1 vocal, 1 keyboard, 1 guitar
The beauty of it all is all 3 of them are able to sing and play at the same time. Thus they double up as vocals and instrumentalists.
-Additional system to boost the sound from the live singing

Prior to the wedding event: Benjamin take pride in ensuring his team deliver the best for every performance. Thus it caught us by surprise to hear that he even engaged an external vendor to set up a good speaker system so that all the guests can hear the singing as much as possible.

Prior to the event, we had a face to face meet up with him to address our…