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Top 5 Hidden Wedding Costs In a Bridal Package!

When we are in the midst of being sales-talked into purchasing our bridal package, we are often being consoled that there are no other hidden costs in our packages. BUT PLEASE, BE ON YOUR HIGH ALERT!!! In this post, besides talking about the additional costs, I will be adding in the additional costs which I will be paying based on my bridal package with Feline Bridal.

Here's the top 5 hidden costswhich I felt is often not labelled in the package. 1)“Premium” gown collectionWhen we go to wedding showcases or bridal studios, we will often see stunning gowns that captivate our eyes. That's when we will just agree and sign the package, thinking that the package we sign will allow us to wear those gowns.However, the truth is when its time for our gown selection, we will be told about those pretty gowns are in the segment of "Premium" gowns, which you would need to top up for. These top up can be as high as $800. More money. $$$My bridal studio allows me to choose any gown…

Review: Now & Forever Wedding Showcase at M Hotel Singapore

I was at M Hotel with my family for a staycation weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday. And it just so happened that the hotel was having their NOW & FOREVER Wedding showcase. Since they offered free entry for Standard Chartered credit card holders, I guess I should drop by to have a look and offer my review. Location: 
Definitely not the most convenient hotel when it comes to location. It takes about a 10 mins walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Ballrooms: 1) Anson Room, Level 2For couples who intend to have their wedding in Anson room, they will have their own private space for reception at the second floor.

There's also this nice walkway with doors that linked you directly to the banquet hall. Traffic will be smooth!

For couples who are looking for a high ceiling, chandeliers kind of ballroom, this will not meet your expectations. Do also note that due to the deisgn of the ballroom, the tables at the most left side of the picture may have restricted view of the stage. 2) Banqu…

[ Project Xi Bing ] Tong Heng Confectionery and Poh Guan Bakery (Part 3/3)

Its finally the last part of Project Xibing! Yay!!!
If you are looking for my reviews of Gin Thye Cake House, Thye Lee Confectionery and Neo Kian Guan Confectionery & Cake, please proceed to Project Xi Bing Part 1/3.  If you are looking for my reviews for Pine's Garden Cake House and Thye Moh Chan, please proceed to Project Xi Bing Part 2/3.
Because for this post, I will only be featuring Tong Heng Confectionery and Poh Guan Bakery.

Tong Heng ConfectioneryI was actually quite amazed to see Tong Heng Confectionery in the recommended list for xi bing in Singapore. I only know Tong Heng for its very yummy iconic diamond shape egg tarts. Due to this project, I understand that it is actually a Cantonese bakery, which started since early 1990s. So a very excited me headed out to this part of Chinatown on a very sunny Sunday afternoon to find out more!
The confectionery shop is filled with tourists, who have flocked here to have a taste of their egg tarts and traditional chinese pastrie…

[ Project Xi Bing ] Pine Gardens Cake and Thye Moh Chan (Part 2/3)

If you are new to Project Xi Bing, it is basically a personal quest of mine to go around Singapore and source for xi bings with the best deal.

If you are interested to understand how I come out with these ratings and the reviews of Gin Thye Cake HouseThye Lee ConfectioneryNeo Kian Guan Confectionery & Cake, kindly click on Project Xi Bing Part 1/3.
For part 2, I will be sharing my findings on Pine Garden's Cake and Thye Moh Chan.

Pine Garden's Cake Pine Garden's Cake is quite well-known within the community now. I have heard friends, colleagues and family members who are willing to go that extra mile and travel to this considered-quite-ulu part of Ang Mo Kio just to taste their cakes. So, yes, this cake house is also one of my places to visit in Project Xi Bing!

Once you reach Pine's Garden, you will be greeted by rows and rows of pretty cakes. They cost as low as $0.80 to as high as $6.50 per piece. Yes, it's a stark difference. But generally the buttercream …