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Review: Our Pre-Wedding Casual Photoshoot in Jeju Part 2 (With Jeju Core Travel)

I shall continue part 2 of my casual photoshoot with Jeju Core Travel! This second post is focused on the photographer himself, the locations which we went for the photoshoot and some afterthoughts. This post will be a photo-intensive one because we will be showing some of the great edited shots we received from the travel agency.
Before you continue, if you have not read my part 1, I will advice you to read it first. =) 1) The Photographer To clarify, Jeju Core Travel is a travel agency based in Jeju, not a photography studio. They collaborated with professional local photographers to provide this date snap package. We were very lucky to have with us Mr Oh Nam Hun~ ,Mr Oh to be short, as our photographer! 
From our conversations with him, he does photography for events, weddings, photoshoots and also portraits. He is based in Jeju and thus familiar with location shooting on the island. He had with him a higher…

Review: Our Pre-Wedding Casual Photoshoot in Jeju Part 1 (With Jeju Core Travel)

Going to Korea for a casual pre-wedding photoshoot has been one of our highlights for pre-wedding preparation. I'm glad we chose Jeju Tour Information - Core Travel who gave us a very unforgettable expreience. Here is part 1 of our photoshoot experience, mainly I will cover the pricing logistics and the make up and hair services which we took up.

It all started since mid 2014 when we confirmed our trip to Korea in mid April 2015. I have always admired the Korean style of  photoshoot and make up so I wanted to have my photoshoot done there.

Mr OOPS, being the more budget person, started dissuading me from it as we have already paid for a bridal package in Singapore. To convince him, I did lots of research and got many quotations from various bridal studios in Korea. Sadly, the cheapest quotation I could get was at least $2200 sgd for a full day studio shoot. So a very disheartened (and rational) me decided that's too expensive and I'm going to give up on that thought.

Very tim…

Meeting Your Potential Photographer for Actual Day Photography (What To Look Out)

Are you still on the search for your AD photographer? Or have you just settled for what your bridal studio offered you?

Personally I would recommend you to pay more attention into scouting for your ideal AD photographer than for your pre-wedding shoot. My take would be there can always be a re-take for pre-wedding shoots. However for your wedding day, there will never be a second retake. Once the moment is lost, it's lost. The risk of just settling for any kind of photographers would be you will never know the skills of the photographer. So, are you okay to take such a risk on your big day?

So to help me feel ready and prepared before securing any photography deals, I came up with a checklist for myself and I decided to share it here! This time when you engage an Actual Day (AD) wedding photographer!

Before you even meet your potential photographer, be sure to do the following!
Know what you are looking for in your AD wedding photographs. There are basically 3 styles of shooting th…

Review: Our Wedding Band, Wedding Shoes and Wedding Gown.

No matter how much we try to save, we just can't save every single thing. Therefore, I will be sharing the 3 budget buys Mr OOPS and I got in preparation for our wedding. It will be namely our wedding bands, my wedding shoes and a wedding gown from Taobao. In this post, I will be going through in details, together with visuals, on where, how and why we make these purchases. 1) Wedding Bands (From Lee Hwa) Wedding bands are basically the wedding rings which we will be putting on for each other during solemnization and basically what we will be wearing most of the time after getting married. Thus we wanted to get something that is aesthetically simple and sturdy but not losing out on its quality. I was aiming for a half eternity ring for myself and a simple white gold ring for Mr OOPS.
I'm not sure if there's any difference in the different jewellery shops. But we basically went to enquire at 4 different shops. Citigems, Jannpaul, Lee Hwa and Taka Jewellery. Both Jannpaul and…