How To Choose Your Wedding Date?

Choosing a wedding date is always the first thing to discuss when it comes to preparing for a wedding.

Start by deciding on your wedding year.
To decide on your wedding year, first discuss these few things with your partner.
  1. Readiness of the couple
    • Are you both ready to move on to marriage? Marriage is no longer like dating. It requires alot more commitment. Remember marriage is not just a union between 2 persons. It is a union between 2 families.
  2. Scale of your wedding
    • Number of people you are expecting at your wedding
  3. Type of wedding
    • Just solemnization
    • Solemnization followed by cocktail reception
    • Solemnization followed by wedding banquet
    • Solemnization first, wedding banquet on a later date/year
  4. Finances of the couple
    • Are you and your partner financially ready for the kind of wedding you both envision to be? If the answer is a No, set a later year.
    • Clarify expectations with one another. Are there any expectation on the partner to pay more? Or 50/50? Or maybe expecting our parents to pay? Are these realistic expectations? To put it bluntly, it only costs $26 to register your marriage with ROM and maybe another $100 for your JP. The rest is up to your expectations.
    • Keep in mind that the prices of wedding banquets increases on an average of $80-$100 yearly. Discuss to see if your rate of saving is able to beat the inflation rates of wedding banquet costs.
    • We always say that money is an issue when it comes to love. However, when it comes to planning a wedding, money issues is going to cause conflicts between the couple. Most importantly, it is never great to start a marriage with debts.
Once the year is set, now the date! Just keep in mind that if you are intending to have your solemnization together with your wedding banquet, do not limit yourself to just 1 or 2 dates. Have as many dates as possible! (Especially if you are aiming for a popular hotel)
  1. Looking out for auspicious dates? If yes, you may have plans to consult a fengshui master to help you with the selection. I also heard some friends who seek reference to a chinese almanac application which they download to their smartphone.
  2. Special dates, public holidays and eve of public holidays and popular dates are often more expensive.
    • If cost is an issue for the couple, try to avoid selecting these dates.
  3. Choose dates that are meaningful for you and your partner.
    • Possible dates to consider: Anniversary, Monthsary, Proposal anniversary etc.
For Mr OOPS and I, our initial plan was to get married in early 2016. However after further discussion, we decided that we are emotionally and financially ready and thus settled for end 2015.

We then proceed to get auspicious dates from a fengshui master, Master Long Tian Xiang.
We really like Master Long's service. He was like an old grandfather, friendly and humorous. Besides helping us understand some of the must-do in marriage preparation, he even prepared a book consisting of all our auspicious dates from 2014-2017. As such, we just have to pick out dates from the book for our marriage preparation.

P.S. I do hear of some fengshui masters providing just 1 or 2 dates. So do always enquire the kind of services and information which your fengshui master is providing before engaging him/her.

For couples who are interested in engaging him, his contact number is 90675008. His consultation charges are $120, as of 2014.

Happy planning,
Mrs To-Be OOPS


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