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Back from our honeymoon!

We took a long break because we went on our honeymoon to Amsterdam, London and Iceland! Woohoo!

Now we're back! Next post to be up soon :) Shall I share my honeymoon travel experiences? Hmmmm...
With love,  Mrs OOPS

2 Unique Photoshoot Locations in Singapore with Ideal Weddings Magazine!

So Mr and Mrs OOPS experienced a once-in-a-lifetime magazine moment with Ideal Weddings Singapore. For peeps who are wondering how we got this opportunity, we basically tried our luck at any online giveaways we chanced upon. Some people label such acts as "KIASU"! Haha!

And it started from a shoutout calling out for photogenic couples in Singapore to be part of their editorials with the magazine's preferred vendors. These photos will be featured on the second issue of the magazine.

So we thought, CHIONG LAH!!!! No harm anyway.

A few months down the road, we are contacted by the staff from Ideal Wedding Magazine, informing us that we are selected for the shoot! #hooraytofreephotoshoot
Our shooting locations are : Lim Chu Kang Jetty and Portsdown Road (Water Tank).I've never been to this jetty so that's something new. And I've been to Portsdown Road for desserts but haven't heard of any water tank?! So, COOL! Let's try this!

On the day itself, we met the …