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Our Personal Itinerary For Free And Easy In Hongkong!

Yes HONGKONG!!!! OUR FAVOURITE DIM SUM LAND!!!!!! Whenever I need a breather to go for a weekend trip, the 2 countries that pop up in my mind is definitely Hongkong or Bangkok. Afterall, travelling to Hongkong from Singapore takes only 4 hours by flight. That is one of the reasons why Hongkong is one of my travel destinations annually for the past 6 years.

In this entry, I will be sharing with you a compilation of our itinerary to Hongkong so you will be able to plan your next trip to Hongkong without a fuzz!

Do also keep a look out for my upcoming posts whereby I will be introducing the other 3 segments in full details!
(1) All You Need To Know To Conquer Lantau Island!
(2) All You Need To Know To Conquer Kowloon!
(3) All You Need To Know To Conquer Hong Kong Island!

First up, we need to first understand the geographical map of Hongkong. Hongkong is segmented into 3 main areas - Lantau Island, Hongkong Island and Kowloon area. Knowing what are available in each segment can help you to pl…