Mr OOPS proposed.

I'm going to start this whole blog on a happy note.

On 25 July 2014, my Mr OOPS carried out his masterplan, asking for my hand in marriage.

The plan was a really well thought one, personalized and filled with lots of effort.

We made our virgin visit to Ocean Park and spent one long eventful day. We then head back to Ovolo Southside Hotel. The staff led us to the rooftop bar whereby Mr OOPS passed me a photo book which contains all the memories we had since day 1 as a couple. Suddenly I was thinking,"OMG, is it gonna be today?"

I was then led to our hotel room. Poof! Guess what, it's totally the kind of romance I ever wanted for. Just me before him and him on his knee, a diamond ring in his hands, a bed of roses and a love song which I adore. Of course, the balloons and beautiful skyline were added bonuses.

Although I have been secretly looking forward to moving on to the next stage of our lives together, it's still abit unbelievable to me when it's really happening. When I see him kneeling before me, with the ring in his hands, my heart fluttered and I went speechless. My mind went blank for a split second literally. I didn't even have the mood or time to look at the ring or think about the ring design or even size.

I was busy asking myself, "this man, right before me, is he the one? Can I trust him wholeheartedly? Can we build a family together? Can I spend the rest of my life with him?"

My answer is a Yes. I see hope with him. I feel respected when with him. I am taken care of by him. I am accepted by him. I want to build a future with him. I want to have a family with him. I want to grow old with him. But more importantly, I love him, with all my heart and soul.

It's been about 3 months since I had this ring with me. Wearing it constantly on the 4th finger is such a surreal feeling. Besides getting a little panicky over losing it, I also felt a sense of assurance and happiness from being 'tied down' by this man whom I love. It represents a question of his commitment towards me and wearing it constantly is my answer to him.

And with that, our story to becoming Mr and Mrs OOPS officially begin.

Signing off,
Mrs To-Be OOPS


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