Review: Wedding Lunch at Orchid Country Club

Today was a joyous occasion for one of my seniors in university. Always happy to be part of a wedding and to enjoy the lovely reception which they prepared for us as guests.

I'm actually quite excited about attending a wedding lunch at Orchid Country Club. I find the place unique, full of greenery and just away from the crowded town area. Of course, it's much cheaper too. The food is managed by Peach Garden restaurant.

Here's my take about the wedding reception by Orchid Country Club.

Location: Good
Comments: Like I described above, there's alot to rave about the greenery and serenity surrounding Orchid Country Club.
However, as a guest who doesn't drive, here are some of my woes. Although the club provides shuttle bus services from the club to Yishun MRT at an interval of approximately 15-20 minutes, the shuttle bus is only able to sit about 20 pax. No standing is allowed on the bus. If you are rushing for the banquet, you'll realise that you really need to be "kiasu" enough in order to secure a seat on the bus. My friends and I failed to squeezed up the bus and we ended up taking a taxi in.

Service: Great
Comments: Or maybe we were pretty lucky to get a very cheerful auntie to serve us. She was really prompt and attend to us nicely. One thing which I was not very pleased with the service was the amount of spillage on the table for soup and the mango pomelo dessert. The other was the power failure that lasted for at least 15 minutes. Thankfully the fairy lights and lanterns in the banquet hall made the power failure kinda romantic. None of us realised it was a power failure until the bride told us about it!

Food: Could be better
Comments: Food were generally quite cold upon serving, which was a tad disappointing. They pay little attention to the presentation of the dishes. The chicken wasn't very fresh too. I was expecting better since it's from Peach Garden. Oh well.

Unique Point About The Wedding: Mini Concert during the lunch banquet
Comments: The whole wedding was a small intimate affair with many musical performances by the couple themselves and their friends. That's really tapping on the couple's love and talent for music. The decor of the venue was also done up nicely by the couple's friends. Simple items like lanterns, folded fans, paper flower balls and fairy lights were used. It makes a bland banquet hall seems so cosy and homely. =)

The cute teacup. Something different.

Other points to note: There were 2 projectors and screens in the Sapphire Suite. The position of the projectors is not very ideal though. For guests sitting at the centre of the hall, they will be blocked by the sides of the stage. The ballroom is low-ceiling too.

My recommendation:  For couples who have chosen Orchid Country Club, do not place too much information on the screen as not all guests will be able to read it.

I hope this helps!

Happy Planning!
Mrs To-Be OOPS


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