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What Your Guests Think About Your Wedding Costs?

Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year to everyone!
Wedding costs are high in Singapore. We have enough articles to prove that already so I shan't continue dwelling on this issue.
I always like to bring back the topic of affordability into wedding preparation. And particularly in Singapore context, the one major headache for most couples is WEDDING COSTS. Don't belittle it. This can potentially cause a huge conflict between your partner and yourself, or even your in-laws.

You will probably be struggling with your family's monthly expenses. There may be some indulgence here and there but at least things are enough to cover. When wedding invitations start flooding in, we will probably be frustrated about attending a wedding. The intensity of such frustrations increases when the "costs of attending the wedding" is high. Maybe there will even be thoughts like "Can't you just forget about me? I'm really ok for you not to invite me." T…

Why We Choose Feline Wedding?

Revealing the bridal studio which Mr OOPS and myself opted for! We got ourselves a bridal package with Feline Bridal (Now they are renamed as Feline Wedding) at less than $3100.

That is a little over our initial budget of $3000 but at least it's somewhere close, considering the amount of stuff they included. We opted to do our pre-wedding shoot in Singapore so as to cut costs.
I would like to disclaim that we are still having a big question mark over the services at Feline Bridal due to the mixed reviews we read up at forums.

Some of the reviews which I read about in forums about Feline Bridal are:
It's best to secure Lily as your make up artiste. Because she is basically the person running most of the show in Feline Bridal.Their current studio for indoor shoots is quite run down. Some mentioned its just plain wallpaper (boring).The customer service is really a by luck thing. But in general, Rachel seems to be notorious.Don't have too high expectations on those wrist corsa…

Should You Get A Bridal Package For Your Wedding?

As promised, if you are thinking about signing a bridal package, here are some pros and cons to help us think about it!

Mr OOPS and I opted for this eventually. So I naturally spent more time thinking about it.

Why Get A Bridal Package?
Pros You save time and cost because almost everything necessary is inclusive. Usually for bridal package, they give you quite an extensive number of stuff. These stuff includes your make up artiste, trial make up, gowns and suit for pre wedding shoot and wedding, photographer for pre wedding shoot (and actual day if you need, with a top up fee), large developed photos with photo frame, edited photo album etc etc. Pretty extensive I would say. You get to have choices (based on the selection provided at the bridal studio). When you sign up with a bridal studio, you can foresee yourself wearing and trying on different gowns at the bridal studio. If one doesn't fit, you can always try on the other one. You get professional advice on what suits you and wha…

Love has no boundaries

I remembered watching this matchmaking tv programme 非诚勿扰 on television and coming across this interesting couple.

A 51 year old lady came forward and expressed her interest for a 34 years old man. She had 2 other competitors, both in their 20s or at most early 30s. When asked what are the 3 qualities a husband should possess, the other ladies mention things that were really rather superficial. However her reply is “注重形象、孝顺、爱女人”. It literally meant, care about image, filial and knows how to love a woman. She sounded really firm, confident and genuine.

Isn't that really the most basic 3 qualities, simple yet sometimes forgotten?

What shocked me most was the guy made the final decision to choose her over the other girls. He was able to connect emotionally with her and is also willing to accept she has a daughter and was previously divorced.

Below are the moments when he walked forward to hold her hand and gave her a hug.

Images credits to (jiangsu tv)
I'm amazed. Truly. …

Should You Go Ala Carte For Your Wedding?

We struggled quite a bit with this question in our wedding planning. I personally have heard many couples spending thousands and thousands on bridal packages or different wedding vendors. That being said, when we are all in this planning stage, it is all too common that we probably won't realise how much we are exactly spending... until maybe when the amount in your bank account is dropping drastically.

So to start, what is the difference between Ala Carte VS Bridal Package?
Ala carte will basically mean you source out every single item. The bulk expenses would be costs of wedding gowns, suits, pre-wedding photography, engaging make up artiste and florist.Bridal package is a literally an all-in package. Everything that I typed above (or maybe more or less) will be listed down to you by the sales person at one fixed price. The reason for me to bold and italics to the word "fixed" is because it's not exactly fixed afterall. And I will explain that to you very soon in my …

Do You Rent Or Purchase Your Wedding Gown?

Mr OOPS and I contemplated over this question as a way to cut costs. So I decided to share our decision making process to help other BTB. Here's 4 ideas when it comes to purchase or rental of wedding gowns!

1) The first idea which we have was to purchase our wedding gowns and suits online. We were thinking, "HEY! Why not we buy all the suits, wedding gown, wedding accessories, decoration stuff all online?" Oh great! They even came with made-to-measure gowns!
We do have some friends who bought their wedding dresses from Taobao and they went on their own DIY photoshoot. They basically just bring their own tripod and camera to do the photo taking and do their own make up. It looks great actually.

However, both of us just know nuts about fashion, much less the art of wedding gowns. We also heard about some ladies losing too much weight before their wedding and the dress became too loose when it's nearing their actual day. And honestly, the last thing we want to screw up o…