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What To See And Do In London!

There are so many things to see and do in London, to the extent that we sometimes get caught about where do we start. I'll be highlighting the few notable ones which is a must go for every traveller's first visit to London.

1) Buckingham Palace

This is one of the popular icons of London and where the royal family of United Kingdom resides. To see the changing of guards, remember to be there early to get a good spot as the path towards the palace is always packed with crowds. Check out the timing for the Buckingham Palace Changing of Guards and the weather forecast before making a trip to the palace to prevent disappointment.

2) Tower Bridge

London Bridge is falling down... falling down... falling down... Wait! This is not London Bridge. This is Tower Bridge! LOL! Being one of the landmarks of London city, it is basically a must-see. For an added experience, purchase tickets to walk the glass bridge at the top and visit the Victorian Engine Rooms to understand the engineering b…

How We Plan Our Free And Easy Trip To London!

Free and Easy in London : Logistics and Planning With the British pounds value falling, more people are opting to visit the United Kingdom. It's finally more affordable. I remember the first time I visited the UK, the exchange rate was £1 to SGD $2.40. But now, it's about SGD$1.80? So, why wait? This is the best time to visit!
1) Getting there:  There are 2 main ways to get to London - by plane or by train.

If travelling from Paris, the most convenient and fastest way is to take the direct train by Eurostar (Travelling time : approximately 2.5 hours) Tickets could be purchased online. I prefer trains to flights because I don't have to spend time checking into the airport 2 hours before my flight time or wait for my luggage bags. It is advisable that you keep your eyes on your luggage... in case it get stolen. #sotrue

If your flight is at Heathrow airport, you can take the tube from Heathrow terminal underground stations (Piccadilly Line) to London city. However, your best op…