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9 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas (Tested and Proven By Graduated Brides AndGrooms!)

Here's a list of DIY items compiled by me from various graduated couples for other budding couples to try out on their own! I'm so glad to meet so many like-minded graduated brides along the way. 
1) Giant Gatecrash Angpow ( 大红包 ) by Mr OOPS You know how bridesmaids always requests for the gate crash ang pow to be BIG and BIGGER. Well, now you got it. Mr OOPS did this customized 大红包 from scratch. He started using Photoshop to do up the images below and getting them printed. This angpow is as huge as an A4 size! I have to say, I'm impressed!
Materials and tools you will need: -A3 size paper -Sticker -Tape
P.S. Coloured printing services and decent photoshop skills required for this DIY project to succeed!
2) Wedding Tree Fingerprint Guest Book By Yi En This wedding tree is drawn from scratch by my dear friend, Yi En for our friend's wedding. She started by sketching the tree out lightly with pencil and then touching up with black pen. Get ready some finger print stamps! A…

My Wedding Day Gowns, Hair and Make Up by Feline Wedding's Mia

So many readers have contacted me to ask about Feline Wedding and how I look on my actual day and also my experience with my MUA, Mia. So I decided on a dedicated post just for it! I will also be sharing some knowledge I learnt from Mia about AD looks. I hope this helps future BTB in your wedding preparation!
1) Our Morning LookA gentle reminder for all brides, remember to wear buttoned tops so that you can change into your gown later on without destroying your make up or hair!
I started my actual day at 4.30am. Mia came at about 5am to work on the make up. Hair and make up was almost completed by 6am. Fast and smooth!

Just a comparison, the before and after of my make up look. 

Moving on to bunning up my hair...

For my wedding gown, I chose this simple gown with mesh on top and no long train. I find this gown sweet, classy and easy to move around in. I was also not comfortable about revealing my boobs so this is just perfect for me.

For the first look, it will usually be a bun hairsty…

6 Important AD Wedding Preparations Which Are Often Neglected

When it comes to our wedding actual day, AD for short, there are just so many logistics and details which we want to settle. Afterall, this is our ONCE IN A LIFETIME PERFECT WEDDING.

You know what? That's just common. So for your wedding, BE DIFFERENT. Focus on these 6 important aspects and be assured that your guests will remember your wedding as the union between you and your spouse (and not just about your dessert bar or live band or giant LOVE on the stage).

1) Wedding invites If you are expecting more than a hundred guests for your wedding, you need to allocate alot of time to contact your guests and clarify their contact details. And yes, you will be crazy about doing it.

What To Take Note? -Your wedding invite is the first point of contact with your guests. Putting in effort in every invite is a sign of sincerity and respect for your guests.
-Here are some points to note when doing the invites:
1) Ensure that the person writing the invites have a pretty handwriting.
2) Take …

Review: Solemnization at Dutch Colony Coffee Co. (Frankel Avenue)

We spent this year's Deepavali celebrating the union of Weibang and Alice at a cafe called Dutch Colony Coffee Co. along Frankel Avenue. It was a small but intimate affair!

Location: Fair -I must be frank, the location is pretty unaccessible by public transport. It is situated right smack in the middle of many many private estates. -Parking at the cafe is very limited, therefore, consider parking at the Wilton Garden estates. Parking is free since its private estates area, that's the plus point. -For guests taking the public transport, the nearest MRT is Kembangan MRT station. From there, there will be a 5 minutes walk to a bus stop to take bus 32. Bus interval is about 15 minutes. Alight after 3 stops and you will reach the cafe. Alternatively, just walk all the way down for about 1.2 km. -If you are all dressed up and wants to avoid getting sweaty from the walk, consider cabbing down from Kembangan station. Taxi ride is only about 3-5 minutes.

Ambience : Chic and Friendly -T…