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Review: The Wedding Chijmes by Chijmes Hall Singapore

One of the top dream wedding location in Singapore has to be Chijmes. It is also one of the iconic and historical landmarks in Cityhall. Thus when the advertisement for Chijmes wedding show popped out on facebook, we decided to attend!

Location: -When it comes to locations with such exclusivity, there will always be a trade off in terms of accessibility and parking lots. Their wedding packages only offer a whooping number of 6 parking lots. I wonder how much more they can offer after negotiation. It will definitely not be enough.  -For guests who are taking the train, Chijmes is just about a 5-10 minutes walk from City Hall MRT station.  -For guests who are driving, they can opt to park at Chijmes basement carpark. Parking rates for Chijmes:  From 8am to 5.59 pm,  $2.20 for 1st hour, $0.55 for ever subsequent 15 minutes. From 6pm to 7.59 am, $4 per hour 
Chijmes Hall: -We walked into the wedding hall and we are greeted with the beautiful infrastructure. Just the architecture itself i…