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Review: A Casual Photoshoot With Yvonne Creative Bridal

It started out with me participating in an instagram contest to celebrate the opening of Yvonne Creative Bridal. The prize is a free casual photoshoot in Singapore with Yvonne Creative Bridal. Of course, we aren't sure what are the terms and conditions that comes with the prize. We just went ahead to try.

We received a call to inform us about the prize details.

1 short gown for the bride
1 jacket for the groom
Free make up and hair do for bride and groom (exclude ampoule) - 1 style
4 hours of photoshoot time by in-house photographer (exclude transport)
All soft copies to be returned to us

Awesomeeee... isn't it?

We first went for our clothes selection at Yvonne Creative bridal studio a few weeks before the actual shoot. To be honest, I had a hard time selecting my gown because there were limited choices for each colour. This is tougher when I'm vertically challenged aka short! Haha!! So I was really lucky to chance upon one which I really like.

Our Hair and Make U…

Alternative and Super Affordable Ways To Say "I Do" !

As a continuation from my previous post "My Dispute towards The Strait's Times's Article "Price of wedding tables hits new high." , I decided to share some alternative yet afforable methods to my readers. It's always worth brainstorming for new locations, isn't it?

Do it the Modern Kampung way? If you are a heartlander by heart, this is your perfect choice. A kopitiam style wedding banquet! No fancy dressing, no expensive cutlery and crockery and no redundant spendings. Just quality food and pure enjoyment. Your guests can come in whatever attire they are comfortable in. The costs of a wedding band is also saved because all your guests can be your potential wedding singer, thanks to the karaoke system set up.

This wedding banquet style is pioneered in 2014 by a young couple, aged 27 and 24 years old! (in case you are thinking its done by some old couple) The couple and groom's father worked out this arrangement together with the zi-char owner to set …

My Dispute towards The Strait's Times's Article "Price of wedding tables hits new high."

It's horrific seeing the latest pricing of hotel wedding banquets. It triggers me because we also paid more when we opt to get married in October 2015 (due to the price hike after September of every year). It's worse when you read a bias article titled "Price of Wedding Tables Hits New High"written by our very own local newspapers. Do read the article first before reading mine! Link HERE

In this article, you will see responses by only wedding vendors who are out to earn money from weddings, consumers who chose to ignore the large spending after incurring losses of more than  $20,000 and insensitive commentor who can say things like "Do it in Johor". It gives readers the wrong impression that holding wedding banquets means getting into debts or needing to spend excessive amount of money and that it is a norm for that to happen.

I need to highlight this in bold : THIS IS NOT A NORM

I am a member of Budget Brides, a facebook community of more than 3100 members…

Have You Tried Simply Looking At Your Family Member For 4 Minutes?

So, recently while surfing YouTube, I get bombarded with this advertisement by Prudential that talks about reconnecting relationships. So I decided to just watch it (it sounds pretty interesting to me too)! Im not paid by prudential btw if you are thinking about that!

This is the video:

It got me into tears. It made me reflect lot about me and the people whom I treasured in my life. Mr OOPS and I ended up trying this social experiment on ourselves.

The outcome is pretty surreal. It just feels like everything around us became paused in these few minutes and all I saw in front of me was him. Because we had so much time to stop and look at him, I find myself looking at every single details on his face... and reflecting on the moments I had with him. It's an amazing feeling to be his life partner and vice versa.

After this social experiment, I started spending time to observe and look at my family members. Yes, it's overwhelming to see how Dad's hair is so white and reducing i…