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#throwback : My Third Trimester with Baby OOPS

Third trimester is such an ironic period - it is like the best period and the worst nightmare IMHO.

By the end of second trimester, my stomach is starting to grow. Odd to say, this is also the period whereby I "LOOK PREGNANT" to strangers. With me looking so massive with that huge tummy, you may think that I will definitely get a seat on the train during peak hours. Well, you are only 80% right. Because there will always be that 20% chance of seeing people who tried to be oblivious (people who act like they are sleeping or continue to play their games while peeking at me from the corner of their eyes, people who are waiting for others to give up their seats etc).

My only advice to the other preggys out there...
The reserved seating will not always be offered to you. For the safety of your baby and yourself, be shameless and ask for the seat.

Time really flies during the last few weeks. I remember having the "pants on fire" feeling because I have tonnes of uncomplet…

#throwback : My Second Trimester with Baby OOPS

Second trimester is indeed a honeymoon period for all pregnant ladies! During this period, the baby bump is starting to show. For once, I wished my tummy can grow much bigger everyday because that would means our little baby is also growing!

I remember the subtle joys of feeling the little kicks from within. In fact, it started from me trying to figure out if those were kicks or just heartbeats. This joy and excitement is something which is so difficult to explain to anyone else because the movements could not be seen from the naked eye. As the kicks get more and more frequent, I started observing more movements from the baby. From subtle hints of the tummy jumping, it translated to huge movements of left to right and right to left. My womb felt like a giant playground whereby there's plenty of space to move around. Somehow, baby oops had already started to sense the difference between Mummy and everyone else. Whenever its Mummy and baby alone, he will be moving around rapidly but…

Mrs OOPS 28 Days With Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food!

Healthy and nutritious food is one of the first and utmost important things I look out for during confinement, especially for breastfeeding mummies like myself, because whatever I eat will transform to milk for my little one. Although my mother in law is helping me with confinement, I figured that it is actually tedious for her to cook "confinement meals" just for me, cook 'normal meals' for the rest of the family and still care for me and my baby's needs. So when Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food Servicescame along, I thought this was the best option ever! We can all focus on the adjustments of caring for a newborn, without worrying about my meals. It's an additional bonus if the meals are delicious right?

Before I even continue, let me just say one thing... CONFINEMENT MONTH IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti*

Tian Wei Signature Trial Meal  I tried this trial meal one month prior before my delivery. Once I tasted that, I am already feeling assure…

#throwback : My First Trimester With Baby OOPS

Time flies when there is a baby evolving inside my tummy! Technically this is my second pregnancy as I had a silent miscarriage with my first one. I am so exhausted by pregnancy to the extent that I decided to abandon blogging for a good period of time so as to focus on my own mental well-being. This sacrifice is definitely worthy!

Interestingly, each trimester, I meet different challenges that really brings out a different side of me. I decided to share my first hand experiences with fellow mummies who are currently going through the physical, mental and emotional changes that comes about with pregnancy.

1) Securing the heartbeat During my first trimester, I remember being in fear and discomfort almost on a daily basis. These fears are intensified due to my past experience of having a "silent miscarriage" about a year ago. The loss of a child's heartbeat during the first trimester is a common issue because it happened 1 out of every 4 pregnancies. The pain of not seeing…

Planning a Baby-Moon - Which Travel Insurance Policy To Get For Pregnancy Related Travel?

I have been toying with the idea about resuming blogging after the birth of our first child. But I decided to fast forward this thought since I had some free time offhand. I am going to start it off with my favourite topic.... pregnancy related travel!

The first and utmost thing that people worry about travelling while pregnant is insurance coverage. So the first step after confirming on our travel destination is to move on to a reliable travel insurance which makes sense for my current pregnancy state.

My 3 main areas of focus in this insurance, on top of the usuals, would be:
1) emergency trip cancellation before the trip if my gynae certify me as unsafe to travel
2) emergency trip postponement before the trip if my gynae certify me as unsafe to travel
3) overseas medical expenses that cover pregnancy related conditions

and I will be 30 weeks pregnant by the time I fly.

I shall be sharing my research on various travel insurances in Singapore and highlight my final choice. I would like to…