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Baby Essentials Worth Investing In (Featuring RAPH&REMY 's Premium Personalized Essentials and MeiMeiOOPS)

I used to think the following..."Why are baby products so expensive?"

But being a second timer mummy, my perspectives have changed. I started to be more careful about the products I used with my kiddos, especially infants. I also saw the value of investing in certain baby products that really enhance the quality of care to my child's life. In today's blog post, I am introducing some baby essentials which is important to invest in for your kids and/or if you are intending to purchase something for a mummy-to-be. As an additional bonus, I will be highlighting an item which I personally love for meimeioops.

1) Organic Bamboo Bath Towels

Yes, and this is definitely the top on my product list. When you touch an infant, you can easily feel their skin being so soft and sensitive. Something too harsh may cause abrasion and/or rashes to their delicate skin which can make my helpless baby feel so uncomfortable. And it's worse if the babies have skin issues such as eczema w…

Tian Wei Confinement Food Singapore Review Series 3: What To Expect When You Engage Tian Wei Signature

In my final post on Tian Wei Confinement food review services, I am sharing on the company's customer services and why I am so assured by entrusting my confinement meal plans to them, especially when I am giving birth during the circuit breaker period.

Covid-19 has brought so many unprecedented changes to the whole world. I never imagine myself living in a generation whereby a new, deadly and highly contagious virus is circulating around the globe and that the lack of a vaccine is causing so much physical, emotional and economical strain to so many people in various ways. The circuit breaker is the Singapore's government solution to manage with this virus.

For my case, I am heavily pregnant during the Covid-19 outbreak and had to welcome a newborn child during the peak of it.
I had to wear a mask when I'm giving birth to my baby. I had no visitors throughout the entire stay at hospital and confinement. My parents / in laws / any other potential informal caregivers that I c…

Tian Wei Confinement Food Singapore Review 2/3: 21 days of Gourmet Adventure

I'm a foodie who loves varieties and I would go the extra extra mile to hunt for delicious food just to satisfy my taste buds. When I think confinement food, the first foods that come to my mind would be pig trotter's vinegar, papaya fish soup, black chicken herbal soups etc. Well, these are delicious but I really cannot imagine myself eating these food again and again for one full month. That would be horrible...So honestly, the initial thought of going through confinement DOES NOT sound exciting to me. However, after exploring options with hubby and deciding on engaging Tian Wei Signature, I'm just thrilled for confinement to start.

(Check out: Tian Wei Confinement Food Singapore Review 1/3: Why This Confinement Food Delivery Is Our #1 Choice?)

For this post, you may have noticed that I used "Gourmet Adventure" to title this post because there's no better way to describe the whole experience. I'm jumping straight into the details of the food I savored …

Tian Wei Confinement Food Singapore Review 1/3: Why This Confinement Food Delivery Is Our #1 Choice?

During my first time pregnancy, my confinement is done with a huge help of my mother in law whom we were staying together with 2 years back. My in laws assisted us in the caregiving of the newborn while my confinement food was with Tian Wei Signature. (Throwback to this blog post: Mrs OOPS 28 Days With Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food! )

Fast forward to the moment my second pregnancy is stabilized, I started to think about my plans for confinement once again. Our lifestyles are pretty much the same except that we have shifted out of our in laws place and are staying at our own flat. With that, there were various options we could consider.

To engage a confinement nanny / a maid to assist us? But then again, there is always this fear about engaging incompatible nannies who ended up creating more anxieties than help. In addition to that, both Mr OOPS and I are uncomfortable about the need to stay with an outsider 
To do confinement entirely on our own, without engaging any assistance? P…

My 'Fourth' Trimester - Natural Delivery Postpartum Recovery

I wanted to share my experiences with postpartum recovery during my first pregnancy. However, 2 years back, I am just a first time mum struggling with postpartum care, trying to put in place what I learnt from parentcraft lessons I attended and trying to juggle the roles of being a mother, wife, daughter and a full time employee. I did not engage any confinement nanny and settled my confinement meals with Tian Wei Signature.

I will be honest. I am so tired everyday to the extent that I do not have the time.

But today, embarking on this motherhood journey for a second time, I am definitely more prepared. With the extra time I get in the afternoons when both my darlings are taking their afternoon naps, I am typing this post. I hope it benefits any mummies-to-be on what they can expect after their baby pops from "the oven".

Alert: The focus of this article would be on the care of the MUMMY and the physical care which I would be mentioning would be more appropriate for mummies-t…

Welcomed MeiMeiOOPS into OOPS Family.

Life is full of unexpected twist and turns.

As I sit here typing a post for this blog once again, I also started reflecting about my life in the past 2 years. Parenthood with BabyOOPS had changed my life totally. I no longer see myself having the luxury of time to sit down and blog about my hobbies or interests or even my thoughts. It doesn't help when I am also busy with other commitments such as full time employment and caregiving of BabyOOPS.

It makes the statement "Time Flies" so true.
So we also surprised ourselves when we decided to have a second child. We always wanted one child. The thoughts of having our only child having divided attention and having to deal with a newborn all over again is just tiring. Yet at the same time, we hope that BabyOOPS grows up with a sibling and they could provide mutual support to each other. And of course, we both love kids. After some discussion, we decided to try for a second child while we are still young.

With that, we are so p…

Bring Your 1 Year Old To Disneyland? Think again.

Behind all the smiles and glam behind travelling to Disneyland with a 1 year old, we decided to reveal the reality and truth behind it. The idea of interacting with our classic Disney mascots sounds like a dream to many people. But to infants, this can be a nightmare. Imagine these big funny looking characters touching you and trying to hug you. Come to think about it, it must have been scary for the little baby.

We were going through some of our past photos of breakfast time with Disney characters at Enchanted Garden restaurant and the photos were just hilarious.

Let's just say that these are the type of photos will never ever be sold to you by Disneyland.

At the end of the day, I don't know who is more excited. The parent or the baby?


With love,

Hongkong Disneyland with A Baby (Part 2/3) - Breakfast at Disney's Enchanted Garden Restaurant

To be honest, going for breakfast at Enchanted Garden is more Mummy's dream than Daddy's dream. But yay...!

After a good night sleep, the next most important is breakfast. And we are so excited about breakfast because we are meeting all our Disney characters during breakfast time!

We took the shuttle bus from Disneyland Hollywood Hotel and headed to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Once we reached, we are welcomed by a huge castle-looking hotel which is facing the beautiful South China Sea. We are impressed by all the little details within the hotels. Every detail shouts GRAND! No wonder this is also the flagship hotel for Hongkong Disneyland.

We headed down to the basement for our breakfast venue - the Enchanted Garden!

Food : To be honest, the food is nowhere near great. I don't remember anything exceptionally delicious. In fact, this breakfast would have been a total waste of money if not for the Disney characters. #truestory

This Mickey shaped waffles is for sale inside Dis…