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过大礼 Guo Da Li : All you need to know about Betrothal Gifts

There are just so many different school of thoughts when it comes to 过大礼 (Guo Da Li). In fact Mr Oops and myself were clueless right from the start. It was through reading and understanding before we finally come to an agreement on the type of betrothal ceremony we want.

First up,
I respect the intention of having of a betrothal ceremony. But the most annoying thing about preparing betrothal gifts is the massive number of items required for a "complete" ceremony.That sure gets on one's nerves.

If you want to have a better understanding of the betrothal gifts and the meaning of each individual item (specifically for the Teochews and Hokkiens), I feel that this website by offers the best knowledge thus far. So do hop over to this website if you want the full complete list.

For this post, I'm not going to repeat what many other websites have been saying. I am here to relook at some prominent items in the betrothal gifts and offer you some alternati…

How To Get A Free Instagram Slideshow During Your Wedding? Featuring Jolly and KK~

So I was told it is possible to have an instagram live feed during a wedding.. and its for FREE? No Kidding. This is it... LIVEFLOW.IN! A free one stop website that could show tweets and instagram photos in a real time, like a slide show! (#notasponsoredpost)

I know right, FREE!?!?!?! This is totally INSANE!! Even I cannot believe my ears when I hear about this free awesome web service. This is totally cool for us, consumers but it's also going to kill many business opportunities by those photobooth vendors. *Oh well!* How I wish I got to know about this before my wedding day.

Here's what you will need to get yourself started! An instagram hashtag for your wedding! Example: #jollykkwedAn instagram account (or create a brand new one just for the wedding) Example: jollykkwedLaptop with internet connectionPoint and shoot camera / Smartphone / DSLR CameraProjector and projector screen (usually available at the wedding location) What to do on the day itself?Assign friends who are go…

SGD$220! That's Our Total Spending For Our Tiffany & Peach Travel Themed Wedding Decorations!

Everyone wants their wedding to be the most unique and beautiful one. It's the same for Mr and Mrs OOPS. We went around getting quotations for wedding decorations from various vendors and we realised the dream decorations we want is going to cost us at least a few hundred dollars. That excludes the additional costs incurred to get a decent candy/dessert bar for the wedding reception. Therefore, we decided on this mega budget DIY project which involved help from my lovely wedding jie meis and my dad!
P.S. This post is going to be mega helpful for all brides, especially those who are also having their wedding at Intercontinental Singapore. 
I will first share photos of our wedding reception and solemnization set up. 1) A candy bar, specially for early birds who may want something sweet before the banquet starts.

2) Travel theme solemnization set up with a Mr and Mrs bunting, paper aeroplanes and paper flower balls.

3) Photobooth backdrop set up using the hotel's natural setting.…