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Selecting Your Bridal Studio (Checklist On How/What To Bargain For Actual Day Packages)

So now let's move on to what do we want to look out in actual day packages. Do note that this package is aligned with couples who are intending on having a full course wedding... meaning gatecrash, solemnization, wedding banquet.

When bargaining for the ACTUAL DAY PACKAGE with your bridal studio, Number of wedding gown and evening gown (for bride)Do note that for AD, the minimum that you should have is 1 wedding gown (for morning and 1st march in), 1 ROM dress (good for solemnization, usually its a shorter dress) / 1 Qun Kua (chinese traditional wedding dress, good for wearing back to bride's home), 1 evening gown (for use in 2nd march in)Made to measure or Off the Rack? Include accessories?Note: Bridal studio packages do not include shoes. So you will have to prepare your own. Usually they will recommend silver or pearl coloured shoes to match your wedding gown. For traditional kua, it will usually be matched with a red shoes of a similar colour.For btb who are intending to h…

Selecting Your Bridal Studio (Checklist On How/What To Bargain For Pre-Wedding Shoot)

Ok, I've been procrastinating over typing this post for ages but I finally decided I should do it. I have received quite a number of requests from fellow btbs that they need a checklist when they go to a bridal studios. So, here I go again!

There are so many ways for us to select a bridal studio.
By word of mouth. Hearing it from friend's experiences, reviews from other couples or maybe through avenues of blogger's reviews etc... I think that is basically still the most accurate information as of date. Nothing beats first hand experiences.By wedding magazines/websites. I personally have my reservations towards such advertisements in magazines or websites because it's basically paid advertisements. Only the best will be highlighted and the rest will be like a Pandora box, only to be revealed when you are with them. Surprise surprise!By attending hotel wedding showcase/wedding shows. Usually if you were to attend wedding showcases or shows, there will definitely be some b…

Are You All Ready To Attend BOWS?

If you are getting married and you frequent wedding forums, then you are probably all ready to attend BOWS (Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show), starting today 9/1/15 to 11/1/15.

What is BOWS?
The Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWS) has certainly come a long way, ever since its inception in 2005. From a annual event, it has evolved into Singapore’s biggest outdoor wedding show and is now held twice yearly at Dhoby Ghaut Green. -Extracted from

Here's some reasons why you should make time for this big day!
Exclusive perks and attractions and discounts offered by the wide selection of vendorsEducational workshops and talks by relevant professionals that gets you all prepared for your big day and marriageAttractive lucky draw which you could participate in if you were to spend during the eventInteresting performances which keep you entertained while you are boredIT'S FREE! (HoHoHo, basically anything which is beneficial and free, is worth my time.) However, if you think …