Do You Rent Or Purchase Your Wedding Gown?

Mr OOPS and I contemplated over this question as a way to cut costs. So I decided to share our decision making process to help other BTB. Here's 4 ideas when it comes to purchase or rental of wedding gowns!

1) The first idea which we have was to purchase our wedding gowns and suits online. We were thinking, "HEY! Why not we buy all the suits, wedding gown, wedding accessories, decoration stuff all online?" Oh great! They even came with made-to-measure gowns!

We do have some friends who bought their wedding dresses from Taobao and they went on their own DIY photoshoot. They basically just bring their own tripod and camera to do the photo taking and do their own make up. It looks great actually.

However, both of us just know nuts about fashion, much less the art of wedding gowns. We also heard about some ladies losing too much weight before their wedding and the dress became too loose when it's nearing their actual day. And honestly, the last thing we want to screw up on our big day is our wedding gown and suit! For us, we didn't went on to explore this idea.

Updated on 19/1/2015, here's an article from STOMP that shows how different online dresses can be when worn on models and when its delivered to us. I think my jaws will drop if this is ever delivered to me.

Photo taken from STOMP article
Read more on STOMP ARTICLE: Angry brides share the wedding dresses they bought online -- and wha they actually got

Some online stores which you can consider:
Lightinthebox (This seems quite a notorious choice though)

2) Then the second idea we had was to rent those gowns and suits. We were thinking, "OH, why not we just rent gowns from some of the bridal studio for our own photoshoot and actual wedding day?" I can consult the advice from the staff on what looks good for me without taking the full package. In fact, I don't need to allocate a space in my wardrobe for a wedding gown once the event is over! It's not like I will need it a second time! *touchwood*

Maybe it will be cheaper if you just have one dress for the actual day and skip the pre-wedding shoots.

Then again, after researching on the costs of renting from bridal studios, I realized, that's not really a cheap option for my case. Considering I will be renting one for our pre-wedding shoot, and at least one more for our actual day, rental costs alone will be a minimum of $600 and above. That costs will depend on which rental shops I go to and the type of dress but one dress is definitely a minimum of $300. I haven't throw in the costs for make up artistes, hair styling, accessories, flowers and etc etc. I gave up halfway while going through this option because I find the whole process all too tedious.

 I have a friend who rented one gown for her overseas trip and another gown for her actual day. It still works out fine. For that couple, they engaged a photographer overseas to do the shots and they develop those shots into 4R photos to be displayed during the wedding itself. Cost saving too.

Some places which you can consider:
Cupido Gowns and Dresses
La Mariee Wedding House

3) The third idea is to buy gowns and suits off the rack. (P.S. I'm quite a departmental store person rather than buying online person) Or maybe those second hand gowns from bridal stores sales. The good thing about off the racks would be I don't have to worry about things such as loss of item through shipping or size doesnt' fit or material looks cheap kind of problems.

However, a tricky problem comes up. Firstly, I'm quite small built and it's difficult to find off the rack gowns that fit perfectly for me. Secondly, I don't have any flair in fashion. This option won't work very well for us. Chances are we will get one gown through this option. But we may need to incur extra costs for alteration if it doesn't fit. This may actually work better if the couple have model like height and figure.

Some possible places for you to consider:
Marks and Spencers
Golden Scissors Dress Making (at Chinatown)

4) The last idea we have is to purchase MTM (made to measure) wedding dress and suits. It's apparently cheaper to get tailor made suits for the groom from Bangkok than in Singapore. I got a few contacts from my friend on made to measure cheongsam wedding gown in Singapore. Such gowns usually cost around $750-$1000. It's not exactly cheap but it can be absolutely gorgeous since it's tailored made on the spot and nearing your wedding day.

I was actually contemplating over this point until Mr OOPS and I chanced upon a bridal studio package at one of the wedding showcase that fits our budget. This was when we gave up this thought.

Some possible places for you to consider:
Cheongsam Iris Edel (at Chinatown)
Max Couture (at Katong Shopping Centre, quite pricey but seemed to have good reviews)
Mama and Misse (at International Plaza)

Therefore my final conclusion to all couples would be there are many options out there. It will help if you sit down with your partner and come to a common consensus which would be the best one for both of you.

Happy planning,
Mrs To-Be OOPS


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