Why We Choose Feline Wedding?

Revealing the bridal studio which Mr OOPS and myself opted for! We got ourselves a bridal package with Feline Bridal (Now they are renamed as Feline Wedding) at less than $3100.

That is a little over our initial budget of $3000 but at least it's somewhere close, considering the amount of stuff they included. We opted to do our pre-wedding shoot in Singapore so as to cut costs.

I would like to disclaim that we are still having a big question mark over the services at Feline Bridal due to the mixed reviews we read up at forums.

Some of the reviews which I read about in forums about Feline Bridal are:
  • It's best to secure Lily as your make up artiste. Because she is basically the person running most of the show in Feline Bridal.
  • Their current studio for indoor shoots is quite run down. Some mentioned its just plain wallpaper (boring).
  • The customer service is really a by luck thing. But in general, Rachel seems to be notorious.
  • Don't have too high expectations on those wrist corsages or those car ribbons which they are offering to you for free.
  • They don't really entertain walk-in customers who want to try their gowns before purchasing their package.
  • Gowns which you already reserved may be taken by another BTB. Oops, sorry then.
  • Gowns may be dirty and not well-maintained.
  • Many hidden rules and some of their promises were not fulfilled.
  • Their wedding montage is HORRIBLE. You better choose to redo it on your own.
  • The photographers will say all sorts of things to try and make you purchase more photos from them so as to earn more profit. And even get angry or show u a black face when you choose not to purchase more or you purchase too little! 
But then again, I also found some pretty good experiences by other bloggers. Pretty much no hiccups and no big issues if you don't have too high expectations

  1. Carol - Not sure when they had their shoot but her post was dated October 2012.
  2. Life's Little Surprises - They had their wedding shoot on November 2012.
  3. Ana and the King - They had their wedding shoot on August 2013.
  4. Catherine Tan - Not sure when they had their shoot but her post was dated November 2013.
  5. Stanley and Zijia - They had their wedding shoot on January 2014.
In fact there was also a legal case against The Feline Bridal for misusing the photos of Rosanne Wong. (who is apparently a singer whom I've never heard before) But eventually the appeal by the singer was unsuccessful.
Read more about the case HERE

With so much mixed reviews and news, I really dare not say I highly recommend them as of date. Maybe I may just end up like this.

Then again, if you were to ask us why we still chose this bridal studio, it will basically be these reasons.
  1. We are both not very particular of unique, special and luxurious looking gowns. We are basically just looking at a bridal studio that could help us settle the clothes on the actual day. No hiccups hopefully.
  2. Pre-wedding shoot is not in our consideration. It's a bonus to have it. In fact, it's probably going to reduce your overall costs if you were to engage another free lance photographer for another photoshoot or engage another bridal studio (maybe in JB) for another round of pre-wedding shoot.
  3. Given our wedding plans, we will spend at least a minimum of $2000 if we were to do it ala carte. Considering the amount of time I will need to source for gowns, suits, make up artiste and what not, I think a bridal studio fits our needs better. (ok fine, I'm plain lazy to go sourcing around!)
  4. It fits our budget and the sales co-ordinator, Sally, just seems to hit it off with us.
  5. We like it that we can choose any gowns off the rack without any additional top up. (heard of too many horror tales of premium gowns)
  6. They seemed quite generous with their freebies. They even offer to cover our mothers' clothes and father's jackets.
  7. Last but also the most important, after reading so much on forums, I realised all bridal studios are pretty much the same pattern. I will probably bump into one or two other issues even when I signed up with another one bridal studio.
As of date, we have visited the studio during October to fix our appointment for our pre-wedding shoot. So far so good. We tried securing Lily to be my AD and photoshoot make up artiste and Gary to be our photographer. But they seemed hesitant to let us secure Lily. (She seemed really popular BTW!)

I shall update our experiences with this bridal studio in March, whereby we will be going down to select our wedding gowns. The staff was telling us that they will be having their new indoor studio next year. So I hope their studio will be better by then.

If you ain't in a hurry to sign up with any bridal studios yet, then remember to stay tuned to my updates and reviews.

Updated on 9th April: My review of pre-wedding photoshoot experience with Feline Bridal http://mrandmrsoops.blogspot.sg/2015/04/review-our-pre-wedding-photoshoot-with.html

Update on 21/8/15: It is quite confirmed, now that I hear it from different sources. But one thing is for sure, Lily has officially left Feline Wedding.

Update on 30/10/15: Our pre-wedding photos

Update on 18/12/15 : Check out my latest post My Wedding Day Gowns, Hair and Make Up by Feline Wedding's Mia for my AD experience with Feline Wedding

Mrs To-Be OOPS


  1. Hello! I'm also a feline btb! Chance upon ur blog and I like ur writing style :)

    1. Hello Tylin! Thank you and Congratulations on your big day! I am glad this is helpful! I hope the other posts are also helpful for you~~~

  2. May I ask how did it go eventually and how were the gowns and photos?

    1. Everything has been great so far.

      You can check out the gowns which I wore at this blog post: http://mrandmrsoops.blogspot.sg/2015/04/review-our-pre-wedding-photoshoot-with.html

      Photos wise, I will only be publishing after our wedding in October. But they were pretty lovely.

      We are going for our AD gown selection in these few weeks! Can't wait =)

    2. My fiance and myself signed up with them too but we were very skeptical after the reviews we read online. Glad to hear yours turned out great. Were the hair accessories provided by them as well?

    3. Hair accessories and matching earrings and necklaces were all provided.

  3. Hi , thanks for sharing info. Do u need to pay additional charges for gardens by the bay shoot?

    1. I only took my shots below the super trees and not inside the chargeable areas. There were no additional charges except for the parking fees! :) I did check about prices if we want to shoot inside. The photographer states that we have to pay for the entrance fees for ourselves and him. You may also need to check with gardens by the bay prior to the shoot for permission. Hope this helps :)

  4. Hi, would like to know what did they offer you for your pre and actual wedding.

    1. They offered quite the usual package. I paid $3088.
      -Pre wedding photo shoot, 30 pieces, 5 gowns, 3 suits , 3 location shoots, make up inclusive of make up and ampoules

      - Ad gowns (wedding gown, evening gown, rom gown and tea ceremony gown) , 2 suits, 2 mothers dresses, 2 father's jacket, bride's flower bouquet, groom and fathers corsages make up for bride, inclusive of fake eyelashes. Ampoule is chargeable, car decor is inclusive, make up trial too ... I hope I didn't leave out anything. :)

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