Love has no boundaries

I remembered watching this matchmaking tv programme 非诚勿扰 on television and coming across this interesting couple.

A 51 year old lady came forward and expressed her interest for a 34 years old man. She had 2 other competitors, both in their 20s or at most early 30s. When asked what are the 3 qualities a husband should possess, the other ladies mention things that were really rather superficial. However her reply is “注重形象、孝顺、爱女人”. It literally meant, care about image, filial and knows how to love a woman. She sounded really firm, confident and genuine.

Isn't that really the most basic 3 qualities, simple yet sometimes forgotten?

What shocked me most was the guy made the final decision to choose her over the other girls. He was able to connect emotionally with her and is also willing to accept she has a daughter and was previously divorced.

Below are the moments when he walked forward to hold her hand and gave her a hug.

Images credits to (jiangsu tv)

I'm amazed. Truly. By the greatness of true love. I admire the lady's courage to fight for the chance to seek a true love. I think she will treasure this relationship much more.

Reflecting back, I also will want to treasure my own relationship. It's not easy to find a partner who knows you, accepts you for who you are and most of all, loves you. Now that I found one, I would also want to spend effort to love my wonderful man. :)

Mrs To-Be OOPS


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