Have You Tried Simply Looking At Your Family Member For 4 Minutes?

So, recently while surfing YouTube, I get bombarded with this advertisement by Prudential that talks about reconnecting relationships. So I decided to just watch it (it sounds pretty interesting to me too)! Im not paid by prudential btw if you are thinking about that!

This is the video:

It got me into tears. It made me reflect lot about me and the people whom I treasured in my life. Mr OOPS and I ended up trying this social experiment on ourselves.

The outcome is pretty surreal. It just feels like everything around us became paused in these few minutes and all I saw in front of me was him. Because we had so much time to stop and look at him, I find myself looking at every single details on his face... and reflecting on the moments I had with him. It's an amazing feeling to be his life partner and vice versa.

An informal family pre-weddings shoot with the family

After this social experiment, I started spending time to observe and look at my family members. Yes, it's overwhelming to see how Dad's hair is so white and reducing in volume. He now has deep wrinkles around his eyes and these lines intensifies whenever he smiles. I see fatigue in his eyes but strangely, he still talks with the same level of enthusiasm and humour. It's such a joy just watching him eat.

My Mother is yet another lovely lady. She has aged, clearly. I see that her cheeks have started to sag. She used to be a really angsty lady and the main disciplinarian at home. I still remember the moments of her holding the cane up high and reprimanding us for not completing our homework. That loud, fierce and strong woman is now cheery and chirpy. She still demands things her own way. However, she never stops learning about how to be a mother, now that she's a mother to 2 adult children. I applaud her for that.

Besides her eye bags getting darker and her skin looking seriously dehyrated, my sister has this great ability to maintain her shape, style and personality. Sometimes I will look at her with overflowing thoughts about what will happen to her when I am married. Afterall, I grew up with her my whole life. She's not just a playmate, but also a partner in life, my common support to deal with family affairs and my ticket to occasional free snacks or movies. I still wonder how she looks like the younger sister most of the time when she is obviously older!

Just a suggestion, how about taking more time to sit down and observe your loved ones? You may find it to be a really fruitful session.



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