Alternative and Super Affordable Ways To Say "I Do" !

As a continuation from my previous post "My Dispute towards The Strait's Times's Article "Price of wedding tables hits new high." , I decided to share some alternative yet afforable methods to my readers. It's always worth brainstorming for new locations, isn't it?

Do it the Modern Kampung way?

If you are a heartlander by heart, this is your perfect choice. A kopitiam style wedding banquet! No fancy dressing, no expensive cutlery and crockery and no redundant spendings. Just quality food and pure enjoyment. Your guests can come in whatever attire they are comfortable in. The costs of a wedding band is also saved because all your guests can be your potential wedding singer, thanks to the karaoke system set up.

This wedding banquet style is pioneered in 2014 by a young couple, aged 27 and 24 years old! (in case you are thinking its done by some old couple) The couple and groom's father worked out this arrangement together with the zi-char owner to set up this banquet at a tentage set up right beside the zi char stall's coffeeshop. It felt like a "kampung style" celebration.

Number of tables: 38 (with 1 waiter to 1 table ratio)
Chefs: 5 pax
Cost per table: Approx $500 ("Friendship price" by zi-char owner) with menu consisting of chinese delicacies such as sea cucumber, abalone, prawns, pipa duck, scallops etc.
Tables and chair: from Coffee shop
Additional costs: Setting up Tentage, sound system set up, license to set up tent and any additional decor

Read more about this wedding HERE!

Photo From Wan Bao
Photo from Wan Bao

Thinking Out Of The Box?

Why not a condominium function room or Chalet? Before you say "chey, that's only for baby function, birthday parties or bbq"... think again. A condominium has all the facilities you are looking for for your ideal solemnization.
Poolside solemnization? Yes, free swimming pool. Some even have those infinity pool.
Timber decking facing good scenery? Some venues does face good scenery... gardens, located at high floors etc.
Cheap? Usually free for their residents, or at a super affordable rate. Chalets and resorts are also relatively cheaper, and that rate includes an entire unit which includes a staycation!
Reliable and unique? If you do a good search, you can actually find super interesting function rooms and venues around.
So isn't it time for us to start asking where our friends are staying and if it is at a nice location worth considering for? =)

P.S.: Check out Sentosa Cove's The Ocean Front for a solemnization at a pavilion overlooking the sea or the infinity pool at Southbank Condo OR the glasshouse at Clover By The Park Condo...
I attempted to contact some vendors for permission to showcase some photos of the solemnization setup at condominium function rooms but have yet to get a response. Will update again if I manage to get the permission.

P.S. again: This is the sea view taken from the rooftop BBQ area at SAF Changi Seaview Resort.

Image by Mr OOPS

Somewhere close to your heart?

How can you miss out the love nest of you and your future spouse? If you have got your flat and it's ready to shift in, do consider having the solemnization at your new home!! You can decorate it to whatever theme you like and you get to keep the decor as your house decorations thereafter. Furthermore, your ROM certificate will be bearing the address of the first flat owned by you and your future spouse! How sweet! The solemnization could be followed with a buffet line for your family and friends.

Image from Straits Times
Which kinds of reminds me of this couple who is made famous with their $900 solemnization celebration at home. They did have another banquet at Goodwood Park hotel thereafter. But for peeps on budget, it's ok to skip the banquet.

Do it the YOLO way!

-Head down to Registry Of Marriage in your best dress and suit, your wedding bands and a bunch of flowers. Sign the papers in front of your solemnizer and witnesses and give each other a good kiss after the event. 
-If you have been to ROM, you will know there are at least 2 floral archs available there at any single time and the classic heart decor.
-This method is fully complete only after a formal shoutout on social media.

If it really has to be a hotel.... you can get a better bargain with the following factors.

  • Last minute banquet deals - That will mean lesser preparation time and no guarantee on your favourite date. But who cares, you will be saving thousands in your pockets!
  • Unpopular dates - You can guess it already. Hungry Ghost month, Qing Ming festival and non-public holidays dates... But some "pantang" guests may also opt not to turn up! Lesser crowd to attend to! =D
  • Weekdays (exclusive of Fridays and eve of public holidays) - These are the banquet whereby you will less likely to see families with young children attending. The guests who are coming either took leave for the entire day or decided to head over for dinner immediately after work. The banquet usually ends promptly.
  • New hotels - New hotels are risky because they are new. Zero reviews about the quality of their food or the attitude of the banquet manager. But because they are new, they tend to offer better perks, better discounts and lower prices to attract new couples. That's how they compete with their fellow competitiors. Good to consider only if you are a high risk taker.
Saying I Do is a blissful and happy moment. So make it a happy event for both of you to remember about =D

With Love, 


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