Review: A Casual Photoshoot With Yvonne Creative Bridal

It started out with me participating in an instagram contest to celebrate the opening of Yvonne Creative Bridal. The prize is a free casual photoshoot in Singapore with Yvonne Creative Bridal. Of course, we aren't sure what are the terms and conditions that comes with the prize. We just went ahead to try.


We received a call to inform us about the prize details.

1 short gown for the bride
1 jacket for the groom
Free make up and hair do for bride and groom (exclude ampoule) - 1 style
4 hours of photoshoot time by in-house photographer (exclude transport)
All soft copies to be returned to us

Awesomeeee... isn't it?

We first went for our clothes selection at Yvonne Creative bridal studio a few weeks before the actual shoot. To be honest, I had a hard time selecting my gown because there were limited choices for each colour. This is tougher when I'm vertically challenged aka short! Haha!! So I was really lucky to chance upon one which I really like.

Arriving at the bridal studio

Our Hair and Make Up:

All done up by Fynix. She's really fast to point out all the areas which need enhancements. The look she did for us really enhances our features. The entire make up process was an enjoyable one.

Mr OOPS having his turn
A before and after shot of me. Also taking the chance to bring back this post on The Importance Of A Make Up Trial , showcasing all the bridal make up I have tried thus far.

Here's an upclose shot of my hairdo. My hair length was enough for me to do up this low bun.

Wearing the gown I selected.

Photoshoot Locations:

In our previous shoot with Feline Bridal and magazine shoot with Ideal Weddings, we have explored locations such as Sentosa Beach, Gardens by the Bay, our alma mater NUS, an old water tank at Portsdown Road and Lim Chu Kang Jetty. Thus this time round, we opted for more natural environments.

(1) Fort Canning Park

There are some joys of having short dress in such an environment. Walking around is comfortable as the dress is so much lighter than a long gown. 

Our photographer in action!

Getting our shots at the Sally Port at Fort Canning. This is a small hidden tunnel that is used in the past as an alternative entrance to enter or exit the fort. It is also the last remaining one in Fort Canning. 

Photo by Yvonne Creative

Photo by Yvonne Creative

We really like this park because its filled with so much greenery. We were also very lucky to have good weather conditions.

Photo by Yvonne Creative

Photo by Yvonne Creative

Photo by Yvonne Creative

This is the iconic heart shape stairway at the park. I've seen it in so many Singapore photoshoot but never knew where is its exact location. So happy to finally have my shot here.

Photo by Yvonne Creative

Photo by Yvonne Creative

(2) Lower Seletar Reservoir

Next up, we went over to Lower Seletar for a sunset shot with the famous instagram tree. Indeed. It's a very popular tree so we really need to wait for our chance to get our shots!

Photo by Yvonne Creative

Photo by Yvonne Creative

To make our shots more unique to ourselves, we brought along some items that best reminds us of our relationship. I still continue to annoy my hubby with my love for G-Dragon! =)

Photo by Yvonne Creative

Photo by Yvonne Creative

Photo by Yvonne Creative

With that, we ended our half day casual shoot with Yvonne Creative. This has been an unplanned but pleasant surprise on our side. Once again, we would like to send our appreciation to Yvonne Creative for making our day. 

One last note: All Yvonne Creative photos which I uploaded here have some minimum editing like sizing and some colour. You would have noticed, they did almost nothing much in the editing. I'm not sure because this is a giveaway, they did little editing OR that is their standard. 

We hope this post can also help potential couples to understand this new bridal studio better! Good luck.


Photo by Yvonne Creative

With love,


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