My Wedding Day Gowns, Hair and Make Up by Feline Wedding's Mia

So many readers have contacted me to ask about Feline Wedding and how I look on my actual day and also my experience with my MUA, Mia. So I decided on a dedicated post just for it! I will also be sharing some knowledge I learnt from Mia about AD looks. I hope this helps future BTB in your wedding preparation!

1) Our Morning Look

A gentle reminder for all brides, remember to wear buttoned tops so that you can change into your gown later on without destroying your make up or hair!

I started my actual day at 4.30am. Mia came at about 5am to work on the make up. Hair and make up was almost completed by 6am. Fast and smooth!

 Just a comparison, the before and after of my make up look. 

Moving on to bunning up my hair...

For my wedding gown, I chose this simple gown with mesh on top and no long train. I find this gown sweet, classy and easy to move around in. I was also not comfortable about revealing my boobs so this is just perfect for me.

Front look - Photo by Mia

For the first look, it will usually be a bun hairstyle so that it's easier to attach the veil. The bun look is pretty standard. I guess I'm really into simplicity yet classic looks.

Side look - Photo by Mia

2) Our Solemnization Look

I only had a simple floral crown as the wedding accessory for my solemnization. Not too overly bling bling and exaggerated. I requested for a hairstyle similar to a waterfall braid and Mia came up with something that exceeded my expectations.

My wedding shoes!
For our solemnization, I choose this short gown that comes with a detachable train. The bouquet I am holding is one of the flower bouquets which we could select from Feline Wedding's package. Mia helped me with the wearing of stick on bra. It really does make a difference because my boobs ain't that big during gown selections! 

Mr OOPS need some polishing up too!

A photo of us after our solemnization, together with our JP, Mr Neo Kim Her! 
Sidetrack: He's one JP whom you can fully depend on. Friendly, humble and PUNCTUAL! He is able to do solemnization in both English and Mandarin. We had a great experience with him.

3) Our First March In Look

The hairstyle for my first march in is identical to my solemnization. I also changed back to my wedding gown. I was asking Mia why this hairstyle for solemnization and first march in. Her response is when walking down the aisle, all the guests will be staring at us from all directions. So the hair needs to look good from the front, side and back.

I didn't manage to take a selfie because I forgot about it. So here's two shots from my photographer.

Note the change in my hairpiece.
 Mr OOPS only have 2 suits. This is his first suit.
Clearer look of Mr OOPS's suit.

4) Our Second March In Look

I absolutely L-O-V-E this evening gown. This was the first gown which I tried on during evening gown selection and after trying on almost 5 other dresses, I decided this is it! I like it because the material is so lightweight and the hot pink colour is striking enough to grab everyone's attention. The gown has nothing bling on it. Just simple ruffles and shimmering gleams on it. It also has a higher neckline compared to the usual gowns so I feel safe without revealing too much boobs. Somehow, people will stare when boobs are revealed and I don't like that feeling! So this is perfect for me!

For second march in, it will usually be followed by table to table photo taking with all our guests. Thus, Mia recommended this hairstyle whereby my hair is combed to one side. So I could pose with my favourite side of the face. I had little pink floral clips on my hair which are matching to my dress. P.S. You can see all the layers and layers of ruffles at the back of my gown!

Mr OOPS's second suit is a checkered suit with plain pants. It has some Korean feel right? =P Haha! 

Some afterthoughts once again,

  • During gown choosing, it's important to choose a gown which you are totally comfortable in. Some gowns may look lovely but not flattering for our body shapes. Or it may be too heavy to walk around in. Those gowns are a strict no-no.
  • Give your MUA an idea on the style and look you are looking for and leave yourself in their good hands.
  • On my actual day, my family is supposed to bring all the remaining accessories to the hotel. However, my family left everything at home. *ohmygoodnesspanicmode* Thankfully, Mia had back up supplies with her and this is probably the last thing I had to worry for. 
  • We paid an additional of $160 for 2 hours of morning surcharge for Mia to come at 5am as we are having a wedding lunch.
  • We also paid the additional $200 for Mia to stay on till before my second march in. I have to say, that's the most worthy payment thus far. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of wedding ongoings, I am always feeling assured I am looking my best. Mia will get me to calm down, relax, get some rest, help me with the changing of clothes and ensuring I look awesome before I step out of the hotel room. 
  • I prepared my own make up ampoules instead of using the bridal studio one. But if you are curious, it will cost $50 per ampoule.  Although fake eyelashes are free, I was still charged an overall cost of $30 for the workmanship of the eyelashes etc. 
  • There was no additional top up for the gowns we chose.

And that sums up our actual day wedding experience with Feline Wedding. Thank you Mia once again! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Neo Kim Her for being our JP and Haige from H & V Photography for the photographs!

For those who wants to know more about my pre-wedding photoshoot experience:

My review of pre-wedding photoshoot experience with Feline Wedding in April 2015

For those who are interested on the pre wedding photos we received from Feline Bridal

Thank you once again for making our day!
Mrs Oops.


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