Review: Solemnization at Dutch Colony Coffee Co. (Frankel Avenue)

We spent this year's Deepavali celebrating the union of Weibang and Alice at a cafe called Dutch Colony Coffee Co. along Frankel Avenue. It was a small but intimate affair!

Location: Fair

-I must be frank, the location is pretty unaccessible by public transport. It is situated right smack in the middle of many many private estates.
-Parking at the cafe is very limited, therefore, consider parking at the Wilton Garden estates. Parking is free since its private estates area, that's the plus point.
-For guests taking the public transport, the nearest MRT is Kembangan MRT station. From there, there will be a 5 minutes walk to a bus stop to take bus 32. Bus interval is about 15 minutes. Alight after 3 stops and you will reach the cafe. Alternatively, just walk all the way down for about 1.2 km.
-If you are all dressed up and wants to avoid getting sweaty from the walk, consider cabbing down from Kembangan station. Taxi ride is only about 3-5 minutes.

Ambience : Chic and Friendly

-The cafe is primarily brown and black in colour tones. Therefore, it's easy to be match with any forms of decorations.

 -The venue also has a chalkboard, which could be customized as a welcome board for the guests.

-The interior is good even with minimal decorations. From the long table setting and cafe size, I think it is good to host a group of 50 guests comfortably. The joys of having venues like these is not needing a seating arrangement!! Lol!

-Buffet line can be ordered and placed along the linkway between the cafe and private room behind. This part of the cafe has a glass ceiling. Thus, we have natural daylight which is perfect for photo taking. 

Service: Awesome

-The service and hospitality by the cafe staff is really awesome of the time, I see the staff really smiling and attending to requests politely! I find that really commendable, especially if its the service industry. Empty plates and cups were cleared from the tables so the tables are not cluttered.
-Our requests for drinks were all attended to promptly. The staff used little wooden blocks with numbering to ensure that all our drinks order will be served.
-The cakes and croissants section were also refilled promptly each time it is finished.

Food: Good

-I have to say I'm most impressed by their coffee and egg mayo croissant! When I make a second trip down to the cafe, I will definitely order this combination.
-The cakes were pound cakes of various interesting flavors. I remember eating one that's labelled thai milk tea! Haha! Then again, I would only appreciate one piece of such cakes as it could be too dry.

Cakes and crossiants set up by the cafe

P.S. I'm a 100% sure they added some truffle oil to their egg mayo croissant. Most of us had a second helping with the croissant. I'm still thinking about it!

Unique Points About The Solemnization:

-The entire solemnization is uniquely personalized by the couple, down to the very small details.

From the wedding postcard invite....

They engaged the service of a cartoonist, Chris Chew ( Instagram ID: @artof.chris ) to draw up their wedding invite. It consist of a cartoonised Dutch Colony with the bride's blue bicycle outside. On the back, we see a cute drawing of Singapore's old playground.

To the cafe's decor and set up....

Chris, the cartoonist, also draw up this life size chalk board which doubles up as a photobooth backdrop and a decoration too. This board consists of all the lovely little things which the couple loves. If you look closely, you will see little details like their favourite sesame street characters, gem biscuits and travelling. I just love it!

Close up on the chalkboard

-This feather pen is really an icing on the cake for a solemnization!

-A wooden box with ropes is a creative and rustic way to present the wedding rings!

 -The wedding bouquet is from Hello Flowers!. The bouquet is customized according to the couple's request for a blue and white  bouquet.
I love the blue roses!

 -Around the cafe, we also spotted many beautiful glass bottles with white carnations and baby breath.

-As this is a rather intimate affair, the couple opted for instant polaroids rather than a photobooth.  The polaroids were pegged onto the wall with twines.

To the solemnization favors...

-The bride loves those gem biscuits. Therefore, for their solemnization favor, the couple bought little glass bottles and fill them up with biscuits! They also used cute and bright coloured cloth with twines to decorate the bottle. They also got the same cartoonist to customized a special sticker to be pasted on the glass bottle. *amazing*.
-I'm so impressed by their DIY project. It's such nicely done to the extent I thought they ordered these bottles from an external vendor. Hehe.

Nicely laid out and ready to be taken!

One more shot of the beautiful wedding favor!

So where can we throw the wedding bouquet?

Right outside the cafe! =D Look closely at our excited bride and this amazing throw! HAHA.

Credits to Mr OOPS for the photos and GIF.


It's my first time visiting this cafe since its located at the Eastern side of Singapore whereby I hardly frequent. Boy, I was impressed. The cafe's interior design is just so chic and cosy. Wonderful choice for solemnization I must say! I'm not sure about the pricing but I guess you can write in to enquire if you are interested to find out more.

I had a cup of iced latte and iced mocha during this event. I have to say they live up to their cafe's name of delivering good coffee to their guests. It is also warming to receive great hospitality from the staffs. I will consider dropping by to chill out at this cafe one more time when I come to the East side of Singapore again!

To Wei Bang and Alice

I would also like to take the chance to wish Weibang and Alice a very very blissful union ahead. Thank you for inviting us and sharing your joy with us.

With love,


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