"Why Do I Even Choose To Get Married?!!?!?!"

I had this question when Mr OOPS first proposed to me. Strangely, this same question pops up in my mind the moment Mr OOPS is going to place the wedding ring into my finger.

Photo by Haige Zhang (H and V Photography)


It's a sudden actualization that I :

  • cannot go on random blind dates with eligible bachelors
  • am no longer eligible to receive a bridal bouquet
  • will not be able to see my family everyday
  • have to shift out of my familiar neighbourhood and stay in a new neighbourhood
  • have to answer to a person on whatever things I want to do
  • now have to share my queen size bed and wardrobe with someone else
  • need to give ang pow instead of receive angpow
  • will be "Auntie" instead of "Xiao Mei"
  • have to give up the entire forest and settle for a single tree 

And yes, that is IMPORTANT, isn't it?
I'm still in my 20's and Mr OOPS is my first boyfriend.
Am I serious about it!?

However... guess what, after almost a month of being Mrs OOPS,

  • I can continue to go on random dates with Mr OOPS anytime and any day I want.
  • I may not have bridal bouquet but I can now receive wifey bouquets from the hubby.
  • I get weekend getaways with my family and comes home frequently for dinner.
  • I discovered new places of interests and yummy food at my new neighbourhood. Now I even know how to go to the exact aisle if I need anything from the nearby supermarket.
  • When I explain to Mr OOPS, I hear supportive and encouraging words, sometimes when I'm lucky I get big hugs and kisses. (Occasional nagging comes along as a package by the way.)
  • Sharing my bed is a natural remedy to my bad habit of leaving my barang barang on my bed. HAHA!
  • I haven't had the chance to give angpow. Wonder how it feels!
  • Surprisingly, I am still Xiao Mei in most contexts.. so I'm adjusting quite well.
  • My tree is healthy, humourous, a smartie, good looking, talented, gentle, caring, enduring and supportive. I don't see the need for another tree. Haha!

With that, I would like to take the opportunity to share my wedding vow to him.

My Dear,
Today I take you to be my partner for life.
I promise above all else to stay faithful and truthful to you.
I promise to respect our differences and work towards complementing each other in the best way ever.
I promise to always keep myself in check so that I will never take your love for granted.
I promise that you will always be the most important person in my life, and that I will take care of you and your family with all I can.
I promise that no matter good or bad times, I will stay beside you as the pillar of support you can depend on.
I promise that even when times are tough, I will always remember that I have chosen you to be my husband and to always give you my 100%.
With this, I give you my hand and my heart and pledge my forever love for you, for as long as we both shall live.

Cheers to a sweet marriage ahead of us.

Photo by Haige Zhang (H and V Photography)



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