Review: Wedding Performance By WhiteRoses Wedding Band

My journey with WhiteRoses started in December 2014 when I won a contest by Rewardify. (Check out: )

From the contest details, it was told that the package which we have won is worth $1600 so I'm also not sure what we have. However, after a meet up with Benjamin, we found out what the prize is:
-One set of 30 minutes 
-3 piece band : 1 vocal, 1 keyboard, 1 guitar
The beauty of it all is all 3 of them are able to sing and play at the same time. Thus they double up as vocals and instrumentalists.
-Additional system to boost the sound from the live singing

Prior to the wedding event:

Benjamin take pride in ensuring his team deliver the best for every performance. Thus it caught us by surprise to hear that he even engaged an external vendor to set up a good speaker system so that all the guests can hear the singing as much as possible.

Prior to the event, we had a face to face meet up with him to address our concerns and discuss the plans for the day. He also made efforts to clarify on the timings and program flow for the actual day.

On our wedding day, we also spotted them arriving early for their sound check and rehearsals. I guess that's the basic professionalism we can expect from every wedding singer, isn't it ?

And here's a photo of us with the lovely and very talented team before the banquet begins!

Photo by Haige Zhang (H&V Photography)

And that's WhiteRoses in action during our wedding:

Photo by Haige Zhang (H&V Photography)

Photo by Haige Zhang (H&V Photography)
Photo by Andrew Ching

The list of songs which they sang for us:

  1. 手心的蔷薇
  2. 爱的就是你
  3. 爱是永恒
  4. Kiss Me
  5. Marry You
  6. 屋顶
  7. I'm Yours
I have to be honest, we were still having some hesitance about whether they were able to do a good job on the wedding itself. Afterall, we haven't heard them sing live before. However, to our surprise, they surpassed our expectations, really amazing! In fact, they gave us a good balance of Mandarin, English and Cantonese songs altogether. 
It's a pity that we only got to hear them sing the first 4 songs before we have to exit to prepare for our second march in. I would have wished for more time to enjoy the music~!

A little background information about the vocalists at my wedding:

Benjamin Lim Jian Wei

WhiteRoses is started by Benjamin, a very passionate singer who is all ready to give his best for every single performance. Although he just started this wedding singing company, he is not new to the singing industry in Singapore. In 2011, he participated in the singing competition by Channel 8, K 歌2击队 under the team name 黑白配. He won second place in the competition with his partner. He has strong vocals and sound very similar to Lin Jun Jie.

So if you are already curious about how Benjamin sound, here's his cover of David Tao's popular hit, 普通朋友. Hear it and you will believe I'm not exaggerating about his vocals.

Estella Sia

If you frequent Shuffle, you will probably catch Estella around with her band, JEEPband! She's good on vocals and also the keyboard! I got a double gasp when Benjamin told me she participated in another channel 8 singing competition, Super Band (超级SuperBand) under the team name 大风吹. They came in second too! No wonder she look so familiar.

After stalking her on her instagram and YouTube, I realised she's the singer of one of my favourite songs from the drama 三个愿望! Here's the video of 因爱 by the vocals of Estella! *sways*

Donnie Chan

Donnie is good at the guitar and also his vocals. Once again, I tried googling around for information about Donnie. To my amazement, he has been a very seasoned singer for many years, especially famous for Mandarin and Cantonese songs. I was so impressed by his rendition of Jacky Cheung's 爱是永恒 in Cantonese version during our wedding lunch. In fact, he was once under Jack Neo's company for a period of time. Singing at weddings are also not something new to him.  

His most prominent work is being the singer for the theme song of Jack Neo's popular movie, 小孩不笨 (I Not Stupid) titled 有用的人 (Useful Person). I manged to find a clip of his recording of him doing the song. Hope you enjoy!

Post-Wedding Feedback from the guests:

-The general feedback is they did a great job. In fact, the singing, the music and harmonizing are considered the better ones out of the weddings which they have attended. (sounds good to us!)
-Most of them had a stronger impression on the Cantonese song (same for me!) because its not common to hear good Cantonese songs during wedding.
-The artistes are well-dressed for the event.
-However, due to the limitations of the sound systems and the large banquet hall size in Intercontinental Hotel, we do hear some feedback from guests sitting way back that they can't hear the songs clearly. This reinforces Mr OOPS's point that without a good AV system, good music is wasted. He must be very happy I wrote this.
-Then again, because of the additional speakers brought in by the wedding band, at least the guests sitting at the first 3 rows gave feedback that they are able to hear the music clearly.


  • I always feel that its a luxury expense to spend money to hire wedding singers. I have to be frank about something. Till date, I still have such a thought.
  • However, my mindset has changed after my experience with WhiteRoses. Good live singing at a wedding banquet is literally equivalent to the icing on the cake. In fact, most of my guests will talk to me about the live singing.
  • In fact, just yesterday, my mother just brought up about the wedding band once more, saying that they had done a great job and asked if we got the singers to stay around for lunch.
  • For couples who have the budget to engage a band, I will strongly encourage so! And if you need some recommendations from me, well, I will definitely say the team from WhiteRoses OR Shili and Adi from Merry Bees Live Music

That pretty much sums up my awesome wedding entertainment. For readers who are also keen to engage WhiteRoses, kindly contact them via their facebook at !

Alternatively, follow them at their instagram : @whiteroses_entertainment

Photo grabbed from WhiteRoses facebook
*P.S. I have to highlight that this is not a sponsored post. Instead, we would like to do the wedding band justice by giving our honest feedback about their performance in appreciation of the free wedding entertainment we won at the online giveaway. They did a really great job!!!!!

Listening to wedding songs now,


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