Hongkong : Gudetama Dim Sum Restaurant (By Dim SumIcon)

Right after our wedding day, Mr OOPS and I scooted off to Hongkong for a short getaway as husband and wife. Hongkong is not new to us because we travel there frequently, almost yearly. We travel to the country basically to relax and have good food.

This time round, we decided to ride on the Gudetama craze in Hongkong! Gudetama originates from Japan and the literal translation of it is Lazy-Egg. Although its only concept is being a lifeless and unmotivated egg, this cute little being has appealed to the masses. (To be honest, I prefer that bacon blankie of his rather than him. Slurps.)

Image grabbed from :http://blog.sfgate.com

Back to the topic, having seen so many videos of the legendary pooping egg bun and the cute egg bun that drools on social media, I decided that it's time for us to savour them. So off we head to Dimsum Icon!

The restaurant feels more like a cafe (by Singapore standard). But it is decorated with many many ULTRA cute posters of the egg in different poses. It's packed with tourists and locals. You will know you are nearing the restaurant because there will be a crowd standing outside, waiting for their turn. Quite similar to the situation when you buy Jenny cookies. Haha.

The queue time to sit down was approximately 1 hour but we got our seats within a 30 minutes wait as many customers gave up on waiting.

There are 2 main sets of menu. First, a normal dimsum menu and the second, their gudetama series menu.

Cute dimsum series

Even their zhu chang fen is orangey. *LMAO* The pooping bun, at the top right side of the menu, is their latest item on the menu.

Gudetama dimsum series

When we finally got to our seat, this is what we have on each table. Note: Ordering a drink is compulsory per headcount.

3 of us (Mr OOPS, myself and my cousin) ordered 7 Gudetama food items and we paid a grand total of $80+ SGD. Aren't they soooooooooooo cute? The most exciting moments are squeezing the liu sha bao sauce out of the bao and poking the yolk's butt to release the chocolate sauce, which I have happily video down the process. *Eeks*

Let's watch it salivate!

And then watch it poooooop...


The general feel of this cafe is just gimmicky, overpriced yet fun and cute. Food is so-so. I will probably not come for a second time. If you ask me, I can get yummier dim sum in Hongkong with that same price I'm paying. So you have to make the final call if you want to come by to pay for such gimmicks =P

But yes, I admit I spend time and money on gimmick food that makes me laugh out loud during meal time. 

That's about my adventure with Gudetama dimsum as part of our mini-moon. I shall continue to savour my bacon egg fried rice while you continue to salivate.

The cafe is located conveniently at a mall called THE ONE. It is a 5 minutes walk from Tsim Tsa Tsui station, Exit B1. 

尖沙咀彌敦道100號The ONE 3樓L308號舖
(Tsim Tsa Tsui , 100 Nathan Road, The ONE, 3rd floor, Unit number : L308)

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday, 11am - 11pm

Contact number: +85 22885 1345

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