18th October 2015, we are now Husband and Wife!

To the world,

Yes!!! We are now officially Mr and Mrs OOPS!!! :)

Planning and organizing a full scale wedding celebration is truly not an easy feat but WE DID IT! Hand in hand, with the help and love of our families and best friends, we did it!  Our wedding day may have ended but our marriage life has just started, and I'm sure that will be even more exciting (and challenging at the same time)!!!

My wedding blogging journey doesn't end here. Because of my first hand  experiences, it makes me even more  determined to help other couples who are in their midst of planning for their wedding. I will continue to slowly fill everyone bit by bit with the services we have engaged and the many important points which we may overlook during wedding preparation. I will also share my experiences while attending weddings as a guest! 

Meanwhile, we are off to a short mini - moon with my dearest hubby! :)

Keep calm and get married!

With love,


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