Review: Our Pre-Wedding Photos (With Feline Bridal) And Why They Are So Expensive!!

Now that the wedding is over, I finally have the green light from Mr OOPS to showcase the photos we have from our various photoshoots. We had a total of 5. *Ooooooops* I will be starting off with the first paid photoshoot which we had with Feline Bridal (or Feline Wedding).

To have an idea on the locations we went for our shoot and the gowns which we had selected , kindly visit this blog post which I did up earlier in April 2015 :

The main highlight of this post is basically to showcase the real reason why bridal studios charge rocket high for the photos and the amount of editing they put into one photo. 

For that to happen, we have decided to reveal 2 of our Before Edit and After Edit photos which we received from the bridal studio.

First up,
Notice the editing done on my arms, my upper body, my face shape, my teeth, our eye bags and also our facial complexion.

Final outcome: 

The editing for this photo is primarily at my upper body and a little on Mr OOPS's jaw line.

Final Outcome:

Well, I know they are photoshopped but woah, that's really a lot of editing work done for the selected photos. So now, do you think it is worth the $60 per photo?

When we saw our albums, our first reaction is WOW! Are we that perfect?! Is that me? Photos look strangely familiar yet different! *still makes me giggle till date*

Back to the bridal studio, there are numerous pretty backdrops inside Feline Bridal's new studio located at level 6 of Delta House. Here are some of our selected photos from the studio:

  • White bench and lots of flowers!

  • The Cafe set up

  • Simple grey backdrop with vignette

  •  Their Tiffany backdrop with the piano

For outdoor shots, we opted to go back to NUS, the university whereby we met one another. We then headed to Sentosa for a sunset shot.

A shot with the long long veil!

For night shots, we opted for Gardens By the Bay, recommended by Gary.

Make up artist: Mia
Photographer: Gary

Edited photos from bridal studio are nice and pretty and beautifully touched up to perfection. Some are so perfect to the extent that it makes us feel like we are models of a magazine or some celebrity. 
However, strangely, when I look at the heavily edited photos, something is just different. I still believe in loving ourselves for who we are and being confident about who we are. That means embracing our imperfections as part of who we are.

Although these beautiful and flawless bridal photos are great for safe-keeping as a memory, I will still make the same decision not to purchase additional photos because we prefer to stick to our budget. The difference would be my utmost respect to the photographers for the amount of time and efforts they took to make our wedding photos so wonderful.

Update on 18/12/15 : Check out my latest post My Wedding Day Gowns, Hair and Make Up by Feline Wedding's Mia for my AD experience with Feline Wedding

Signing off,


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