[Checklist] 25 MUST-TAKE Photos On Your Wedding Day

Imagine that your wedding is over and you realised your photographer did not manage to capture the shots which you wanted? A shot of the brides with the bridesmaids or maybe the moment whereby you were offering tea to your parents? How would you be feeling?

If it ever happened to me, I will feel like this.
I personally find that an AD photographer should have certain shots that are a must-take during the actual day. Of course, there is no right or wrong about this perspective. It's just my personal take. Although it is true that we have to let the photographer's creativity flow, but I feel that it's good to have some certainty on what to expect at the end of the day. But I agree that the photographer can decide on how they want to capture that moment with his unique style.

Therefore, I came up with this checklist on the must-take photos for AD wedding photographers. It will be helpful to use this to discuss your expectations with your photographer. Here we go!

Gatecrash and Tea Ceremony

(1) Bride's shoes
(2) Bride's wedding gown
(3) Wedding decoration on at both houses
(4) MUA doing make up for bride
(4) Bridemaids preparing for gatecrash
(5) Parents putting on the veil for bride
(6) Nephew to open car door
(7) Bride with bridemaids
(8) Groom with brothers
(9) Gate crash moments
(10) Groom lifting the veil off bride
(11) Groom kissing bride (or about to kiss)
(12) Bridal car
(13) Bride and Groom with bridal car
(14) Bride and Groom eating vermicelli with hard boiled eggs/tangyuan
(15) Tea ceremony (with bride's and groom's parents)


(16) Signing of marriage certificate
(17) Wedding Rings
(18) Photo with JP and parents

Wedding Banquet

(19) 1st march in
(20) VIP table moments
(21) Cake cutting
(22) 2nd march in 
(23) Champagne popping
(24) Table to table photo taking
(25) Overview of the banquet

I hope this checklist helps you to have some idea on how to communicate with your photographer on the kind of shots you hope to see of your wedding day. Afterall, there will never be a retake once your big day is over. =)

Mrs To-Be OOPS


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