5 Wedding Expenses Which You Should Splurge On!

For couples on budget, we will always go all out to source for the best deals we can find or different ideas to cut costs. Mr OOPS and I are of no exception. In our wedding preparation, we face the same kind of dilemmas. We want to cut costs. But yet, there are just some things which we just should spend on!

In this post, I would be covering 5 wedding expenses which you should splurge on for your wedding! And to make this post a little more enjoyable, i created some cute memes =)

1. Wedding Gown and Suit

    • The groom and the bride are the main leads during the wedding day. All eyes will be on both of you. So if the groom and bride are wearing clothes that are not flattering, it will just end up becoming the talk of the town for the rest of the years. 
    • For the grooms, kindly ensure your suits are fitting and if possible, made to measure. The safe colours will be black, grey or white accompanied with a bow or tie. If you planned to be adventurous in your fashion, I hope you consult a fashion consultant or do your homework online, just in case it becomes a fashion disaster!
    • This will usually not be much of a problem if you rent or buy your gowns from a shop as they will usually allow you to try on before you make any decision. However, for brides who are intending to purchase online just because it's cheaper, my advice would be to think twice. Unless you are very confident about the condiiton of the dress and that you can pull off the gown perfectly.
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2. A Good And Comfortable Pair Of Wedding Shoes

    • Especially for the ladies! When it comes to purchasing your wedding shoes, I will say a BIG NO NO if you reject a pair of comfortable shoes just because it's too expensive. You need to wear a good pair of shoes to last you throughout the whole day. Remember that being the star of the day, you won't have much time to sit down during the entire event.
    • So if investing in some money can save me from wearing killer heels for more than 4 hours and get sores or blisters all over at the end of the day, I would say YES! I PAY!.
    • I'm also not saying expensive shoes is therefore good. Your own feet is the best answer as to whether the shoes are comfortable anot. Instead of purchasing online, I will recommend buying it from shops! Sometimes, brick and mortar goods are still more reliable.

3. Professionals For Photography and Videography Service

    • So many people have DSLR nowadays. So some couples, in a bid to cut costs, will feel that it's not worth it to pay so much for photography or videography services. They may even just get friends, who are not professional photographers, to help them snapshot what happened on wedding day. 
    • So why pay professionals and not ask our friends? 
      • Firstly, your friend may not be good at wedding photography. Sad to say, they may be able to take nice portrait photos, nice scenery photos or nice black and white photos. But wedding photography is a whole new chapter altogether. Similar for videography! In fact, I think videography is tougher as you still need to ensure the video taken is not too shakey and voices could be captured clearly. Gosh, and because of that, if your friend end up not doing a good job, you also can't complain because your friend is just doing you a service and is of no obligations to ensure all the important shots are taken. *sucks thumb*
      • Secondly, the photographer or videographer basically can't enjoy the wedding because he/she is performing his/her role to ensure every moments are being captured. This can't happen if he/she is seated there enjoying the banquet food or watching the videos. Would you want to put your friend through such moments? Are you inviting him as a guest or as a photographer or videographer?
      • Thirdly, we sometimes have the misconception that how can wedding photography and videography be so time consuming and expensive when the photographer only needs to be there to snap for a few hours. However, it is actually worth paying for! We missed out the amount of preparation time and homework they need to put in prior to the event, the amount of money they put in to ensure their equipment is good condition and in case of any malfunction, there is a back up camera and also the time taken to sift through the photos and edit them thereafter. I think I have said enough for this point.

4. Make Up Artist For Trial and Actual Day Make Up

    • "Come onnnnn.... I do my own make up everyday. What's so different on my wedding day!?", some say. Well, yes that may be the fact. However, during our wedding day, we are bogged down by so many happenings around us and everyone will be asking us for instructions or congratulating us. Brides will not have much time to really sit down and do up their make up comfortably as per they do everyday. Some may screw up because their make up ended up getting too blotchy, eyebrows too thick, make up looks old, make up is too light that it is not visible by the march in, hair style does not match the gowns etc. To prevent such possibilities from happening on our important day, engage a professional MUA!
    • If you have yet to engage your MUA, I hope you do your homework well. Because this is a lucrative market, there are many free lance MUA as well as professional ones. Some are good... but there are also some which are really bad. Ask around by word of mouth or google the portfolios of some recommended MUA online. Ensure that the style which they offer is the style which you prefer. (Each MUA has their own style) Pay for the trial make up (if they need you to pay), because it is very important you know how you will look like on your wedding day and not get a shock after seeing yourself in bridal make up. Thereafter, on your actual day, you just need to sit down relax and let your MUA do her magic. Trust me, it will be the best investment ever. 
Images from : http://www.womensky.net/ and www.mirror.co.uk

5.Token Of Appreciation To Helpers On Your Wedding Day

    • For our dream wedding, we sometimes spend lots of money to create lovely wedding themes. But creating such themes can be quite overwhelming, so we gather help from our family and friends to help us with it. However, because we have spent so much money on the wedding itself, we feel broke too. We ended up having to budget on the other expenditures and one such expenditure which is often reduced is the token of appreciation to the helpers on your wedding day.
    • These tokens of appreciations are usually given in the form of an angpow or as a meal by the bride and groom. So here's a gentle reminder for all couples getting married that your family and friends used their free time to assist you in your wedding preparation. They made efforts to wake up early and ensure that your wedding goes on smoothly as much as possible. They are the ones whom you should never scrimp on. 
    • Give them your best. It could be catering the best buffet lunch for them (if you are having a banquet dinner), dressing them up nicely if they are your bridesmaid and brothers or treating them to a nice meal after your wedding. For some weddings, the couple also prepare angpows as a token of appreciation for their helpers. So don't forget about that one. =)
Of course, these are my own take about 5 wedding expenses we should splurge on. The memes are just for laughs and not absolute in all cases. Hehe, feel free to help me to add on to the list!

Troll for life,
Mrs To-Be OOPS


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