[DIY] Our Pre-Wedding Photo Album (Review For Artisan State)

Since Mr OOPS and I have only selected 30 photos from our bridal studio (which means we did not top up a single cent for extra photos! YAY!), we thought it would be nice to print some extra photobooks for our guests to view when they attend our wedding. We went around scouting for different vendors which does printing of such photobooks.

We first know about Artisan State from facebook advertisements about their good quality photo layflat books. So what they highly promote about their products are the following:
  1. Layflat books: When you flip the books, the 2 pages are seamless, which means no gutters between pages.
  2. Pages: Rigid pages backed by strong green substrate. So it is more durable compared to normal books.
  3. Photo print: Professional grade photo printing that retains the colour of the photos!
  4. Pricing: They offer one of the lowest prices available in the market, considering the type of technology and quality they are using to print their products.
I am doubtful whether or not they could achieve what they promised. But then again, there were also many good reviews from satisfied customers after ordering from this company. So since they were offering a trial promotion of $10 usd printing + $15 usd shipping for a 8 inches by 8 inches photobook with 20 printed pages in late May, Mr OOPS and I decided to give it a try by ordering it!

Screenshot from Artisan Website

First we created an account with Artisan State. We went ahead with the trial promotion. Below is a screenshot of the logged in account with Artisan State. 

Click on it to see the specifications we chose for our book order.
On the most left hand corner, you will see "UPLOAD" and "PAGES". Upload basically allows you to upload the photos which you intend to use in your design. Pages allow you to view your completed pages and flip it virtually. Right below, you will see some recommended layouts which you can use to help you with your own DIY design.

I left the designing of the layouts to Mr OOPS because that's what he's really good at. For this album, we used photos which we have taken from our latest casual shoot from Korea. It took him many hours to complete the entire book's layouts and designs. Now I understand why bridal studios charge so much for "designer fees". So thankful that Mr OOPS does great designs. =)

Waiting time : within 1 week!!

  • We send in our completed order on Sunday midnight and guess what! We got our package by DHL on Wednesday! =)
  • We are also updated regularly on the processing status of the printing and shipment with DHL. We will also be given a tracking number for us to trace the exact status of the order.

Quality of Cover page and Pages: Durable and doesn't look too bulky!
  • Below is a page of our photobook. You can tell the pages are really the rigid kind. However, we do realised that being such books, it may get those dented edges if you were to knock the books at its ends. So we have to be careful in how we keep the book. 

Packaging quality: Superb!

  • This is exactly how the album look like when we first opened the DHL box. Well protected at all corners and a plastic wrap. Effort ttm!

Printing Quality: Superb!

  • The colour and printing of the photobook is just as per how we saw it on our preview pages on the computer.
  • You can also see the seamless edge between both pages.

We were very pleased with the pricing and final product. Although it is not as big as the usual kind of photobooks given by bridal studios, we felt that it is decent and easy to keep for viewing in future. This trial promotion is really worth our efforts!

The current promotion by Artisan State is $5 usd for printing + $5 usd for shipping a 6 inches by 8 inches photobook with 20 printed pages. Needless to say, Mr OOPS and I have jumped at this opportunity to go ahead with a second print of other travel photos from other countries. We are almost 100 percent confident that we will not be disappointed this second round. 

For couples looking at some DIY projects or even a photobook just to log down any pre-wedding trips, honeymoon or some families photos, you can really consider Artisan State.

Happy to share this good deal once again,
Mrs To-Be OOPS


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