The Ultimate Cheatsheet To Redeem Krisflyer Miles For Award Ticket !!!

The travel bug in us had triggered us to share with you our Ultimate Cheatsheet To Redeem Krisflyer Miles For Award Ticket!

Background information:

The changes in Krisflyer redemption chart had finally started! Although we whine about the discontinuity of the 15% discount for redemption made through the SingaporeAir website, we want to join in to celebrate the removal of fuel and insurance surcharges. These changes basically cause a devaluation of all our hard earned miles.

Read more about the changes in Singapore Airline's Krisflyer redemption changes at our previous post: Yay Or Nay to Singapore Airline's Latest Changes To Flight Redemptions? 

A comparison of the BEFORE and AFTER

There's this saying, if we can't beat them, join them. We have analyzed these changes thoroughly and (surprisingly) found new reasons to rejoice. In this post, we will share our findings and also highlight which are the better flight routes worth redeeming as of now. So, here we go.

A comparison of flight redemption details before and after the change:

Cheatsheet 1: Asia Region
Click to enlarge image

Cheatsheet 2 : Rest Of The World
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So now let's translate these figures into something useful.

1) Certain flight routes ended up being cheaper.

In our previous blog entry ( Yay Or Nay To Singapore Airline's Latest Changes To Flight Redemptions ) we shared about how some flight routes actually become more expensive to travel after the changes. For example, the Tokyo route!

However, this time round, after scrutinizing every single flight on the chart and comparing the new figures to the previous figures, we realised that there are still better redemption options.

How do we define BETTER? --- It is considered better when the remaining payable airport tax is significantly lower compared to the additional mileage required for redemption.Since the value of a mile for economy flight is SGD$0.02 (click on to read about how we have the valuation of the mile, thanks to Milelion), we can do a comparison of the value of the additional Krisflyer miles with the airport tax payable.

Previously, it cost 12,750 miles and S$155 to redeem a return flight from Singapore to Bali. Now with the revised chart, it costs 15,000 miles and S$54.80 to redeem the same flight. Although we need to fork out 2,250 miles (worth S$45), we pay S$100.20 lesser in terms of fuel/insurance surcharges. That's a net saving of $54.80!

We did the tabulations for you and these are our recommended flight routes for redemption of Economy Saver round trip tickets:
  • Singapore to Perth : 40,000 Miles + $137.90
  • Singapore to Bangkok : 25,000 Miles + $66.60
  • Singapore to Beijing : 40,000 Miles + $52.30
  • Singapore to Bali : 15,000 Miles + $54.80
  • Singapore to Guangzhou : 30,000 Miles + $52.30
  • Singapore to Kalibo, Boracay : 25,000 Miles + $34
  • Singapore to Male, Maldives : 37,000 Miles + $104
  • Singapore to Shanghai : 40,000 Miles + $53.20
  • Singapore to Shenzhen : 30,000 Miles + $52.30
  • Singapore to Taipei : 30,000 Miles + $57
  • Singapore to Cape Town : 50,000 Miles + $85.20
  • Singapore to Johannesburg : 50,000 Miles + $85.20
  • Singapore to Dubai : 50,000 Miles + $79.80

2) There are better deals if you choose to redeem your miles on award tickets with partner airlines.

Prior to the changes, Singapore Airlines miles is of better value due to the 15% discount for online booking. However, the situation has now changed. With partner airlines and Singapore Airlines on level playing ground, it gives us more opportunities to try out various flight experiences and cabin products.

The same 30,000 miles which you are using to fly Economy from Singapore  to Taipei can allow you to fly on either Singapore Airlines (SQ) or EVA Air under the partner airlines program.

However for this Singapore to Taipei route,
SQ operates on a Airbus A330-300 aircraft while EVA Air operates on a Boeing 777-300ER.

Does the type of aircraft really matters? Just think of yourself travelling on the roads in a hatchback car versus a MPV. The amount of space and comfort you enjoy in the vehicle is an important point to consider, especially for long haul flights or premium cabin flights.


Despite all these hoo-ha due to the changes, Singapore Airlines still continue to be one of our trusted and recognised airlines locally and internationally. Their strong belief in maintaining their safety and service standards is what attracted us.

Although prices are relatively on the high side, the airline always has its pool of loyal fans who will pay for that extra assurance and hospitality. Of course, our previous experiences with Singapore Airlines had been pleasant. The moment when fellow Singaporean air-steward or stewardess welcome us home after a long haul flight just reminds us of Home.

Put it simply, travelling on SQ somehow gives us an assurance of safety and comfort.
The beautiful surprise onboard SQ's NRT-LAX flight during our anniversary trip.

The new redemption chart is definitely a good way to clear up those expiring Krisflyer miles left in your account. Afterall, those miles expire in 3 years time, starting from the day of earning them.

Then again, with the airline industry booming, as consumers, I can't deny that we now have other flight options from other competitive airlines. Singapore Airlines need to work hard to maintain their standards so as to retain their customers and upkeep their brand!

If you find this chart helpful, do pass it on and share them to travelholics like us! We look forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts about it.

Note: Information are accurate as of 2017 and may be subjected to changes within Singapore Airline's terms and policies. The charts are created with the purpose of personal comparison and analysis and Mr and Mrs OOPS shall not be responsible for any inaccuracies. All photos are credited to Mr and Mrs OOPS unless otherwise stated. Follow @mrandmrsoops and @djoops on Instagram for more instant updates. Not sponsored or affiliated.

Pass it on,
Mr and Mrs OOPS


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